TerraTool: Livemaps have arrived (1.6.0)

This new update for TerraTool implements hosted livemaps. The livemaps can be enabled in Server Manager for all servers connected to TerraTool. Once enabled, it’ll give you a unique link for your livemap which you can use for yourself or share it on your server´s website.

You can find all the information about the new, updated livemaps and features on the Livemap 2.0 Update post.

Please be aware these hosted maps are still in testing stage. I have no idea how bad the performance impact will be with dozens of maps hosted on the server but I guess we’ll find out ultimately.

Map Lists Reworked

The map selection list for the official and the community-created maps have had an overhaul. As the list of user created maps has grown, I’ve implemented a ‘like’ button which you can use to vote up good maps. Combined with the new sorting and ordering functions, this should lead to a better overview and a offer some better way to find what you’re looking for quickly as the amount of available maps increases.

“Remember me”

No idea why I didn’t do this earlier but I’ve added a ‘keep me logged in’ option to the login page which will remember your login (through cookie) for 30 days unless you logout manually.

As usual, detailed information about all changes can be found in the changelog. Some of these parts didn’t go through tough testing yet, so please report any issues you may find.

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LiF:YO Livemap 2.0 released

Main Improvements:
  • Hosted livemaps are available on TerraTool
  • Most of the configuration moved to database (configurable via UI)
  • Group and permission management system:
    • Unlimited number of different logins with individual permissions
    • Unlimited number of character groups with individual tags
  • RCON features for admins/GMs implemented
  • Precise in-game time and date display
  • Current weather and weather forecast
  • Player statistics tracker (w.i.p.)
Hosted Livemaps
With the TerraTool 1.6.0 update it’s possible to add a hosted livemap for each gameserver that has been added to the server manager. Once enabled, it’ll create the livemap on the TerraTool server and give you a unique link to it which you can use on your website or share with your GMs for administrative reference. For more information please read the TerraTool 1.6.0 update post.
Configuration Page

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TerraTool: The Forest Update (1.5.0)

Another weekend, another TerraTool update. Since the project launched, TerraTool has been updated to a new point release every one or two weeks, bringing new features and enhancements for the LiF community. As you can see in the changelog, the last update was probably a bit of a rush. Especially the map refresh entailed quite a number of fixes and adjustments and quite some hours of troubleshooting. This pretty much slowed down development, but I’m quite happy to have it in a stable condition now.

Todays 1.5.0 release of TerraTool focuses on forest growth and customization. It also includes a way to repopulate deserted servers with trees. I read through the LiF and Steam forums now and then: No matter what day or week you’re looking, there’s always some thread about forest problems somewhere on top. Mainly it’s people complaining about forest dying after a few weeks/months of server uptime.

To be honest, I’m not even sure if there’s really a problem with the forest algorithm in its current state or if it’s just users not understanding how to customize the forest maintenance XML file. I’ve experimented with the forest maintenane config pretty much and not once I’ve managed to reproduce any issues using reasonable settings in the forest maintenance configuration. Continue reading “TerraTool: The Forest Update (1.5.0)”

TerraTool: Update 1.4.0

Sunday. Time for an update for your favourite LiF:YO tool.
» Full Changelog

Universal Terrain Replacer Files

This new set of terrain files was added to the downloads page. It’ll replace the original terrain files of the game. It is universally compatible and should be installed on every custom map server. This new method replaces the cache files that were generated individually for each custom map job earlier and brings two major benefits: First of all, the ‘double map’ issue where the original map was merged with the custom map after first server startup should be eleminated. Secondly, restoring a custom map server from a pure database backup or migrating it to a new host will work flawlessly.

You can use them on old custom map servers too. It isn’t restricted to maps generated with this TerraTool update.

Map Uploads Revisioned

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TerraTool 1.3.0 is here!

After many years days of development, I’m glad to present the next feature update for TerraTool. Now it’s your turn to make some awesome maps for LiF:YO.

» Full Changelog

Custom Maps: Your Own

“How you do make the maps?”, “What software is used?” – I get these questions a lot and some people even got angry when I said “Photoshop and Notepad++”. Well it’s the truth – and now you can do it yourself very easily with just some basic graphic editing skills.

The only source of information the mapgenerator is using to generate LiF maps is a grayscale heightmap of the terrain. With this TerraTool update, you can upload own heightmaps, use them on your servers and even share them with the community. Continue reading “TerraTool 1.3.0 is here!”

TerraTool: Update 1.2.0

Wishbone Map

There you have it. After the LiF:YO patch came out yesterday with some changes having impact on the custom map setup procedure, TerraTool was updated to 1.2.0 last night. It comes along with new features, new graphics, more customization options and a new map. Full changelog here.

New Forest Soil Algorithm

In TerraTool prior to version 1.2.0, forest soil was ‘sprinkled’ evenly with low density across the whole map. This boring approach has been replaced by two different methods that should ensure more diverse and realistic forest soil patterns. The random dispersion method is somewhat similar to the old algorithm, but creates bigger coherent patches of forest soil along with normal soil in between them. The slope based method will create forest soil wherever the surface has a very low (or no) slope. This will create large coherent forest areas and large bald areas. Depending on how you might scale the map using the ‘max altitude’ option, slope method might create far too much or far too few forest soil. It’s kind of experiemtal for now, so feel free to try it out and if you don’t like it, you can always fall back to the random dispersion.  Continue reading “TerraTool: Update 1.2.0”

TerraTool: 1.1.0 Update with new features

Yesterday, TerraTool was updated to a new point release, which brings some brand new features and a visual overhaul.

Experimental: Map Patches for the Original Map

Custom Maps are a cool addition to the game, but they require a full server wipe. Server wipes are bad, we know that. Players hate losing all their progress and server owners usually don’t wipe their servers unless they really have to, for whatever reason. If you’re running an established server with the original map and you’re struggling and hesistating because of the ‘wipe-situation’, maybe this new feature helps with your decision.  Continue reading “TerraTool: 1.1.0 Update with new features”

TerraTool: End of closed beta

Good news! After fixing some issues in the last week during the closed beta I’m glad to announce that TerraTool can be used by everyone as of now. Key activation was removed from login page earlier this evening.

Minimap Updater Script

From now on, minimap fix won’t require downloading individual minimap files for each map anymore. Instead, we will use a handy little updater script that takes care of this job and comes with some other benefits. For details, check the TerraTool Downloads page. Just put this file into your LiF:YO directory and run it whenever needed.

New Map ‘Exile’

If you’re still not satisfied, here’s something else. A new map has joined the collection! This will be all about the question: Who will take control of the northeastern penisula and the vast amount of ressources on it?

Keep in mind that TerraTool is still in beta state. There is absolutely no warranty that every feature and function works 100% as intended. Use at your own risk and please report any malfunction or issue you’re experiencing.

I’ll keep adding und improving stuff over the course of the coming days and weeks. You can always track the latest changes in the changelog. Hopefully we will see many new servers using a custom map in near future.

TerraTool closed beta started

The closed beta for LiF:YO TerraTool has started today. Access keys have been sent to everyone who asked for it. (If I forgot you, I didn’t do it on purpose. It was a busy day, please just send me a message again). The first few map deployments have been completed already and things look pretty good in general.

As already announced in the last post, there are five different maps available for starters. More maps will join the collection over time. If you have ideas and suggestions, feel free to post them. What all the maps are based on is simply a 16-bit-grayscale heightmap of 1533 x 1533 pixel size. I’m also considering to implement an “upload and simulate” option where you can experiment with your own creations and use them for map deployment eventually. But… first things first. Map customisation options and SQL file distribution method are on top of the to-do-list for now.

The closed beta phase will last for one week at least. I’m looking to finish it as soon as possible, but will extend it in case problems pop up. There will be a little downtime during the next days, because the server has a defective memory which needs to be changed (see: Murphy’s Law).


LiF:YO Custom Maps Status Update

It has been pretty quiet, thanks to the LiF:MMO dragging all the attention at the moment. It’s actually a good thing because it takes away any pressure and gives me time to finetune everything and find better solutions for a few problems that have popped up here and there.

I’ve developed a web-based tool that can be used to generate maps and distribute them to LiF:YO servers. This tool might evolve into some kind of toolbox for server admins eventually, with the map generator being only one of several features. In its current state you can login using Steam authentication, add LiF:YO server(s) to the system and push maps to their database. The system behind it will queue the job for the mapgenerator and process the jobs consecutively. You don’t have to do anything during that process, which can take up to two hours depending on your server hardware. Once the database is prepared, you’ll be served with server startup instructions and some files that you have to put into your LiF:YO server directory. Some manual steps have to be done, but they’re rather simple. Map graphics of terrain, ore positions, quality hotspots and the mapgenerator logfile are available as well. See the screenshots to get an idea of what it will look like.

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