Let’s keep in touch

If you’re interested in getting notifications about updates from this site, I’ve added a Twitter and a Facebook account link. These are just skin and bones accounts for now. I’ll have them customized during the next days. I’m really not too much into these things, so there is no spam to be expected. They will be used to share updates, news and thoughts about my projects. Like/Follow if you’d like to stay in touch and see updates in your social media. If you’re more of the old fashioned kind, there’s a newsletter option too.

As for Fallout 4, I’ve implemented lots of new audio for the Trump Mod in the past couple of days for the upcoming v1.2. At the moment I’m trying to figure out how the affinity system works to make some progress there. If I don’t run into too much trouble it could possibly be released the coming weekend.

I also had a nice idea for a new hilarious mod that I will definitely try to get done. Nothing political this time but it will address a recent, internationally discussed commerical glitch.

Back from the dead – with updates

TL;DR: If you want to skip all the drama, you can scroll down to the release notes and changelog or go to the download page directly.

Long story:

It’s been over two months since I originally released a Fallout 4 mod called “Donald Trump Companion & Quest – fully voiced” on Nexusmods. The idea was to create a satirical impression of the current race for president in the US. Unfortunately, the mod was deleted by the staff just a couple of hours after it was posted, insisting copyright infringement.

Let me share with you my opinion about this. I’m not a lawyer, so I might be wrong eventually. But I’ve done some research and these are my conclusions. Continue reading “Back from the dead – with updates”