Fallout 4 Mods

Gamsung Salaxy Explosives (Note 7 Parody)

Latest version: 1.1 (20 Nov) Finally! The infamous manufacturer of high quality explosives, Gamsung, has expanded its business to the Commonwealth. Meet the Gamsung promoter ‘Noogle Gow’, a pre-war Synth, in the Drumlin Diner and test the Gamsung Salaxy Note 7 device. Did you ever wonder where The Institue got the Synth technology from? Noogle Gow will be … Continue reading "Gamsung Salaxy Explosives (Note 7 Parody)"

Donald Trump Companion & Quest

Latest Version: 1.3 (Feb 4, 2017) Certainly, this is the mod you’ve waited for all your life. The Donald Trump Companion & Quest mod adds a fully voiced and recruitable Donald Trump NPC to your game, making Fallout 4 finally great again. Meet The Donald in Diamond City during one of his infamous rallies and help … Continue reading "Donald Trump Companion & Quest"