LiF:YO Livemap

Interactive Livemap for “Life is Feudal: Your Own” gameservers.

The project is written in PHP & Javascript and developed on Github.

Livemap Features

  • Display live information about the server:
    • Server status and game settings
    • Online player count and list *
    • Current in-game time and date
    • Weather and weather forecast
    • Judgement Hour activity and schedule
    • Daily server restart countdown and schedule
  • Display guild claims, personal claims and admin lands on the world map
  • Display guild details in tooltips:
    • Guild tier, size and founding date
    • Population count
    • Member list, including rank and status *
    • Building count
    • Guild standings
  • Additional map layers:
    • Coordinate System / Grid
    • Regions
    • Online Players
    • Outposts
    • Trading Posts
    • Buildings
    • Paved Tiles (Roads)
    • Forest / Trees
    • Claim & Outpost Planner Mode
  • Server RCON (Remote Control) Interface *
    • Send text messages to online players
    • Kick and ban players
    • Give items to players
    • Teleport players
    • Trigger server functions
    • Execute custom server-console commands
  • Account & Character Management
    • Display table of all characters and their details
    • Search / Filter / Sort by custom criteria
    • Display online statistics per player *
    • Rename characters
    • Ban/unban accounts
    • Enable/disable characters
    • Edit character alignment
    • Distribute items
  • Guild Management Interface (+ GuildGUI) for players *
    • Manage members rank
    • View & edit standings
    • Manage permissions for ranks, standings, guilds and characters
    • Check own permissions on foreign claims
    • … serves as backend for the GuildGUI mod
  • Login Groups & Permission Management
    • Allow login through passwords or Steam OpenID
    • Allow/Disallow all layers and features for each group individually
  • Multi-language support (frontend only)
  • Optimized for mobile devices (frontend only)

* Marked features require TTmod running on the server

Webserver Requirements

  • Webserver with 64-Bit PHP 7.4 or newer installed
    • 32-Bit is supported if php_gmp extension is enabled
  • SimpleXML (php-xml) and MySQLi (php-mysql) modules
  • Database connectivity to the gameserver database
  • Server must allow outgoing UDP connections to monitor server status


This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.


Please note: You don’t have to download this if you’re using a hosted Livemap from the server manager. This download is solely for anyone who would like to run their own modifiable copy on their own webservers.

Releases on Github:

TTmod (server-mod) is highly recommended to unleash all features of the Livemap.

Installation / Setup

  1. Unpack and upload the files to your webserver
  2. Edit config-dedicated.php and fill in your server information, database connection and change the admin password.
  3. Hit index.php in your browser
  4. Enter your admin password to start the installation
  5. Login with the admin password to customize the livemap

Help, Bug Reports & Requests

There are Livemap sections in the FeudalTools Forums for help, support, bug reports, features requests and suggestions. Alternative, you can use the issues list on Github. Please take all requests regarding the Livemap to these places. Thank you!

Old version (Livemap 2.7.2)

This is the old Livemap which is no longer maintained.


v.2.7.2  – Jun 25, 2019

  • Fixed online player list being available in website source even though it’s disabled
  • Fixed broken trading post icon tooltip labels.

v.2.7.1  – Sep 26, 2018

  • Split Character Management permission levels in two groups (basic, advanced) just like RCON
    • Basic group can only see all information, rename characters and ban accounts
    • Advanced group can use all features
  • Fixed missing “revoke permanent GM powers” function in Character Management
  • Fixed claim planner mode not toggling to ‘blocked’ status when zoomed in or out
  • Fixed visual issue of weather and outpost tooltips on first opening
  • Added Italian translation. Thanks to RetroLogi
  • Updated some missing Russian translations
  • Added outpost type translations for all languages

v.2.7.0  – Sep 16, 2018 – Blogpost here

  • Added outpost icons with their own permission-flag to the map
  • Added traing post icons with their own permission-flag to the map
  • Added Spanish translation. Thanks to Tonique de la Peña-Zaragoza-España.
  • Added region overlay layer
  • Added privilege checker to the Guild Management and GuildGUI
  • Updated Claim Planner layer to show outposts and help with monument and outpost positioning – see blogpost for details.
  • Added skill view & edit feature to Character Management
  • Added option to promote accounts to permanent GMs in Character Management
  • Added option to completely hide claim labels on the map
  • Character Management table now shows guild rank for each character
  • Character Management inventory view displays items in alphabetical order now
  • Insert items into character inventory function is now backwards compatible to YO version
  • Updated GuildGUI to use the tradepost mod UI design in-game
  • Fixed bug in Guild Management that displayed guilds in the character list when trying to add an invididual character permission rule.
  • Fixed minor security problem in Guild Management where it was possible to view other guilds member lists and standings.
  • Hosted Livemaps only: Removed all ads from Guild Management page
  • Dedicated Livemaps only: Added call to delete the updater.php file after updating

v.2.6.6  – Sep 10, 2018

  • Fixed visual problems in Guild Management caused by outposts

v.2.6.5  – Sep 10, 2018

  • Added backwards compatibility to YO version 1.3.x for guild claim visibility

v.2.6.4  – Sep 9, 2018 – Compatibility update for LiF:YO Patch 1.4.x

  • Fixed outposts being displayed as guild claims on the map
  • Fixed guild tooltips of guilds owning outposts
  • Fixed “insert item” function in Character Management page

v.2.6.3  – Jul 16, 2018

  • Added support for TTmod 1.3
  • Moved road layer caching feature from TTmod to Livemap
  • Removed manual road update function from RCON Console
  • Fixed a TTmod version check issue in RCON and Char. Management pages
  • Fixed minor visual issue in Configuration Logs tab
  • Fixed online players tooltip showing up if server is offline

v.2.6.2  – Jun 15, 2018

  • Fixed a bug that displayed wrong Judgement Hour time if more than one weekly JH was configured
  • Added missing tooltip for the Judgement Hour timer to show full list of weekly JH schedule if more than one JH is configured
  • Added function to update the road layer manually to RCON console
  • Minor code improvements

v2.6.1 – Jun 04, 2018

  • Fixed wrong guild charter dialog window width
  • Fixed RCON teleport location selector window showing wrong map image (on hosted livemaps only)

v2.6.0 – May 31, 2018 – Blogpost here

  • Guild Management:
    • Added guild charter (see blog post for details)
    • Minor leaders can now edit everything except standings
    • Members can view the member list, charter and standings of their guild
    • Changed all dialogs to use jQuery-UI framework
    • Changed visuals of some buttons and interfaces to ensure best compatibility with GuildGUI Mod
    • Added claim type column to standings table
    • The guild management can now be accessed ingame through GuildGUI Client Mod
  • RCON Updates:
    • Added function to give items to every player online
    • Added player teleportation features
    • Fixed an issue with custom console commands containing quotes (” or ‘)
    • Online player list will no longer auto-refresh. A button to refresh it manually was added.
  • Added claim planner layer
  • Removed the ‘player offline’ indicator icon in guild member lists
  • Moved the ‘player online’ indicator icon in guild member lists after the name
  • The paved roads layer is now loaded from a cached table instead of geo_patch if TTmod 1.2+ is installed, which is significantly faster
  • Now forcing auto-logout of all users after livemap version changed to avoid data caching issues
  • Fixed admin lands and personal lands size display, which was off by 1 tile
  • Fixed a problem in character management caused by names containing single quotes (‘)
  • Fixed position of all claims which were off by the thickness of their border line, usually 1-2 pixels.

v2.5.0 – Apr 23, 2018 – Blogpost here

  • Added new optional layers for Admin Lands and Personal Claims
  • Added inventory and equipment view to Character Management
  • Added statistics about average daily playtime distribution to Character Management
  • Added character rename function to Character Management
  • Added sortable and filterable Account ID column to Character Management
  • Added GM-Tag to permanent GM accounts to Character Management
  • Added counter for selected rows to Character Management
  • Added options to set individual color for each guild claim tier to appearance config page
  • Added direct linking to Discord or Teamspeak servers
  • Added native French translation, thanks to escariote
  • Added credits dialog window
  • Toggle buttons for optional layers now indicate their state through transparency
  • Replaced browser icon (favicon) with a black Life is Feudal logo
  • Moved Login and SteamAuth to new dialog windows
  • The online/offiline indicator bubble in guild member lists is now hidden if the viewer has no privilege to see online status or TTmod is not installed
  • Fixed a bug in the Character Management table when Select/Deselect Page buttons were used
  • Fixed minor issue that didn’t log some RCON actions under certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue where zooming with mousewheel would still scroll the page
  • Fixed minor visual issue in Livemap log

v2.4.2 – Mar 21, 2018

  • Fixed a bug that didn’t highlight guild leaders in claim member lists
  • Implemented visual workaround for white icons in Internet Explorer (reference)
  • Linebreaks in character names will no longer break the guild tooltips (reference)
  • Fixed a bug that ignored uploaded weather files on hosted livemaps (reference)
  • Fixed a bug where execution of certain RCON server-functions didn’t work on some dedicated livemaps.

v2.4.1 – Mar 12, 2018

  • Fixed a bug that would not show online players status in character management
  • Changed colors of alignment bars in character management to match the actual in-game colors.
  • Added warning message to RCON and character management if TTmod is not installed or old version
  • Item selection method in character management and RCON will auto-switch (by name / by ID) depending on which field was used.

v2.4.0 – Mar 04, 2018 – Blogpost here

  • Redesigned character management page:
    • Added ‘unban’ and ‘enable’ action
    • Added ‘insert item’ action
    • Added kills and deaths columns (requires latest TTmod)
    • Added locator function
  • Redesigned configuration page:
    • Configuration is split up in categorized tabs
    • Added PHP and webserver information
    • Added action log
  • New RCON features:
    • Give items to players
    • Messages can be sent to player’s system chat and local chat
  • All utf8 characters in character and guild names are displayed now
  • Added logout button to guild management page
  • Code improvements and performance tweaks
  • Some minor UI optimizations
  • Added 3 new fonts

v2.3.0 – Dec 30, 2017 – Blogpost here

  • Added guild management website with Steam authentication
  • Added native Russian translation (Thanks to Stealthinger)
  • Map layer for paved roads will not show removed roads anymore
  • Guild leaders can’t be deleted in character management page anymore. They will be skipped in bulk delete actions. Deleting guild leaders can result in empty guilds which can make the server to crash on startup.
  • User sessions/cache will be reset after livemap updated to a new version

v2.2.2 – Nov 14, 2017

  • Fixed claim detail tooltips not showing up when member list display was disabled.

v2.2.1 – Nov 09, 2017

  • Fixed fatal error message shown on 32 Bit PHP installations although the GMP extension was enabled.

v2.2.0 – Nov 07, 2017 – Blogpost here

  • Added claim tier icons and names to claim detail tooltip: Camp, Village, Town, Stronghold
  • Added member rank icons to guild member lists
  • Added guild standings lines when claim is highligted (+ configurable group permission)
  • Added marble and slate roads to road layer
  • Added configurable font settings for claim labels and detail tooltips
  • Added “TTmod Last Status” information to configuration page and character management page.
    This can be used to check if your server is still loading/executing TTmod after a game patch.
  • Added $livemap_id setting to configuration file for dedicated livemaps. Change the ID if you are hosting multiple livemap instances on the same domain/server.
  • Added basic check for minimum PHP requirements (version and architecture) and proper error messages.
  • Changed default RCON message display duration from 14 to 25 seconds.
  • Fixed a visual glitch that sometimes occoured in the weather forecast tooltip

v2.1.1 – Oct 09, 2017

  • Fixed bug (offset) in Judgement Hour time & countdown calculation

v2.1.0 – Sep 25, 2017 – Blogpost here

  • New account & character management page implemented
  • Seperated RCON permissions in two levels:
    • Basic: Can message, kick and ban players
    • Advanced: Can trigger server functions and execute commands
  • Changed website main font to the new TerraTool font
  • Changed the design of the group permission selection box
  • Fixed a bug that prevented text selections on configuration and rcon page
  • Fixed a bug on hosted livemaps that sometimes displayed the alternative map background image when it was not even activated in configuration.
  • Removed the in-game player marker on the default map image (ooops)

v2.0.3 – Aug 23, 2017

  • Fixed missing tags for permanent GMs in online players list.
  • Removed 10px of dead space on page bottom
  • Added target character name for kick/ban/message action dialogue windows in RCON console.
  • Added gender icons to online players list in RCON console.

v2.0.2 – Aug 19, 2017

  • Fixed security vunlerability on hosted livemaps.
  • Fixed broken messaging functions in RCON console.

v2.0.1 – Aug 18, 2017

  • Fixed a bug where custom groups couldn’t be deleted.
  • Fixed a bug where claim detail tooltips didn’t show at all if member list was disabled.
  • Fixed a bug in setup script for dedicated version of the livemap.
  • Removed file selection button on config page that wasn’t meant to be displayed on dedicated livemaps.

v2.0.0 – Aug 16, 2017 – Blogpost here

  • Moved most of the configuration to the database. Added configuration page for the admin login.
  • Added groups and permissions system. Please read the update post for details.
  • Added RCON support. Please see the update post for details.
  • Added in-game time and date display feature.
  • Added weather and weather forecast feature.
  • Server timezone can be configured.
  • Replaced navigation/control buttons in the header.
  • Moved zoom buttons to bottom left of the screen.
  • Mousewheel can be used to zoom (can be disabled).
  • Replaced grid with a version that doesn’t require an actual image. New grid is zoomable.
  • Password field will autofocus when the login button is clicked.
  • Updated the server mod to support the new features.
  • Removed building counter blacklist/exceptions. It might return later.
  • Removed custom (cc) language option. Please simply edit the English one to customize translations.

Updating Notice: Lots of files have been renamed and config has changed remarkably. Please delete any older version of the livemap before installing the new one.

v1.2.4 – Apr 20, 2017

  • Fixed minor page layout issue when a claim was very close to the map`s edge
  • Added CSS interface/API to seperate claim tiers (Modder resource)

v1.2.3 – Mar 20, 2017

  • Fixed Judgement Hour countdown, since servers respond with UTC time now.

v1.2.2 – Feb 26, 2017Blogpost here

  • Added tooltip with list of online players for the online player counter on top
  • Added tooltip with times of daily restarts for the restart countdown on top
  • Added online/offline idicator icon for guild claim members
  • Fixed claims positions. There were off by one pixel in the Y-axis
  • Fixed minor issue in server mod, which printed some unnecessary warnings in the server console and the logfiles.

v1.2.1 – Jan 18, 2017 – Blogpost here

  • Added zoom levels from 0.5 up to 8.0 to GM mode
  • Added player highlighting by mouseover
  • You can scroll by dragging the mouse over the map
  • GM mode now has memberlists and steam links enabled, no matter what’s configured in config.php
  • If server query is disabled but server mod is enabled, the online player count will still be shown (count can be acquired from database).
  • Fixed a character encoding problem in index.php that could cause header related error messages on certain webservers.
  • Fixed broken ‘online players’ counter refresh in Internet Explorer

v1.2.0 – Jan 7, 2017 – Blogpost here

  • Added password protected GM mode with advanced features (show built structures, track players)
  • Included a server mod that maintains a list of online players. This is optional, but the player tracking feature in GM mode won’t work without it.
  • Added Judgement Hour information display.
  • Added support for custom map graphics.
  • Fixed some visual issues for GM labels and Steam links if a non-default tooltip style was used.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Internet Explorer 10/11. The livemap is now fully compatible with these.
  • Added member count for claims.
  • Added new ‘glass’ tooltip style.
  • Added option to hide memberlists for claims.
  • Added option to disable all server API queries. This will also disable related features, such as online player count and JH display.
  • The warning icon will now blink when it’s less than 5 minutes till server restart.
  • The site will remember map and grid status in a cookie.
  • Lowered the amount of database queries to improve performance and database load
  • Seperated all HTML and PHP code by using a template engine.

v1.1.0 – Nov 4, 2016 – Blogpost here

  • Added sticky bar on top of the page to display server status and buttons
  • Moved the grid toggle link into the top bar
  • The grid is now disabled by default
  • Added a button for the servers website (set URL in config.php)
  • Guild names are placed inside the claim circle whenever suitable
  • Guild names that are placed on top won’t linebreak
  • Guild claims are highlighted on mouseover
  • Guild claim color, outline thickness and style are configurable
  • Guild claim tooltip style is configurable (3 styles so far)
  • Website background color is configurable
  • Online players counter refresh lowered to 12s (from 15s)
  • Added experimental support for CMS inclusions

v1.0.1 – Oct 16, 2016

  • Introduces the EN_STRUCTS option in config.php to enable or disable the building counter.
  • Included all licensing terms for 3rd party software used (license.txt)

v1.0.0Sept 26, 2016

  • Initial version