Gamsung Salaxy Explosives (Note 7 Parody)

nyunote7Latest version: 1.1 (20 Nov)

Finally! The infamous manufacturer of high quality explosives, Gamsung, has expanded its business to the Commonwealth. Meet the Gamsung promoter ‘Noogle Gow’, a pre-war Synth, in the Drumlin Diner and test the Gamsung Salaxy Note 7 device. Did you ever wonder where The Institue got the Synth technology from? Noogle Gow will be happy to explain and rant about the low quality Institute Synths.

You will eventually be rewarded with a couple of prototypes of Gamsungs newest blockbuster: The Gamsung Salaxy S8, which is an improved and more powerful version of the Note 7.

Requirements: None (Fallout 4 base game)

Compatibility: There are no known conflicts by now. Mods that change the Drumlin Diner can however mess up NPC positions and behavior during the initial quest.

sa_note74sa_note73 sa_note71 sa_note72

Download Mirrors:

Latest version: 1.1
Filesize: 3,07 MB

» Download v1.1 from (France)

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Extract the contents of the downloaded file to the Data subdirectory of your Fallout 4 installation. Don’t forget to activate the mod in the plugins.txt or your favourite mod manager.

For a full general guide on how to install Fallout 4 mods, read this.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this mod on consoles or will it be ported?
A: It is available on for Xbox One. Currently there is no way to port this to PS4.

Q: Are the ‘phones’ craftable?
A: Yeah, in the Grenades section of the chem station after the inital quest was finished.

Q: What 3D model was used for the phones?
A: It’s a mattress. Resized and retextured with Nifskope and the Material Editor.

Legal Note:

This work is interactive parody. All product and brand names are purely fictitious. Even those based on real-world products and brands! No animals were harmed during the making of this mod.



  • Fixed a scripting bug that could break the kill counter and make the quest incompletable.


  • Initial release