Donald Trump Companion & Quest

trumpmodLatest Version: 1.3 (Feb 4, 2017)

Certainly, this is the mod you’ve waited for all your life. The Donald Trump Companion & Quest mod adds a fully voiced and recruitable Donald Trump NPC to your game, making Fallout 4 finally great again.

Meet The Donald in Diamond City during one of his infamous rallies and help him to sort out a serious problem. Once the job is done, recruit him as a follower and travel the Commonwealth with the one and only living meme being your right-hand. Have him grab Curies breasts and touch Pipers genitals while you build a huge wall around your settlements to keep out all these Ghouls and Raiders that destroy your economy.

Requirements: None (Fallout 4 base game)

Compatibility: There are no known conflicts by now. Mods that change Goodneighbor or Diamond City can however mess up NPC positions and behavior during the initial quest.

Download Mirrors:

Latest Version: 1.3
Filesize: 9,53 MB

» Download v1.3 from (France)

» Download v1.3 from


Extract the contents of the downloaded file to the Data subdirectory of your Fallout 4 installation. Don’t forget to activate the mod in the plugins.txt or your favourite mod manager.

For a full general guide on how to install Fallout 4 mods, read this.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: The face really doesn’t look like Trump!
A: Yeah, I’m bad when it comes to actual design. The more time I spent in the looks menu, the more awkward it looked. I guess I gave up at some point. If you’re capable of making a better face, I’ll be forever thankful if you send me the save and I’ll be implementing it.

Q: Does he have an affinity system and can you romance him?
A: Since version 1.2 he’s got a basic 5-stage affinity system that will award the player a unique perk once the highest affinity level was reached. Romance has not been implemented yet.

Q: Is he overpowered, underpowered or is there anything special about the NPC?
A: No. His stats aren’t much different from other NPCs. If you give him proper armor he’s as good (or bad) as any other companion in the vanilla game.

Q: When I attack the Hillary NPC, whole Goodneighbour turns hostile. Is there a way to complete the quest without that happening?
A: You just tried to kill a presidential candidate. What did you expect? Choose one of the peaceful options (since v1.1) or try finding a spot where you can shoot from the [HIDDEN] state.

Q: Why isn’t this mod available on The Nexus?
A: It was, for a total of about three hours. Then it was deleted by a moderator. It’s obviously not welcome there and their decision should be respected. Please don’t repost it unless you’re keen on getting banned.

Q: Is this mod available on consoles? Will it ever be ported?
A: No, and no. The only way to make it available to consoles is through Unfortunately, this mod conflicts with multiple rules of their site, making it impossible to distribute it there.

Q: Are you a fan of Trump and did you vote for him?
A: I don’t endorse nor oppose Trump. I found the whole presidential race utterly hilarious and felt that I have to make a parody on it. As I don’t live in the U.S., I didn’t vote for anyone.

Q: Future plans?
A: Not at this time. Taking a break from FO4 modding and will look at it again when Fallout VR releases.

Legal Note:

This work is interactive parody. Due to the nature of this mod, it may include audio assets copyrighted by another person or entity. I don’t calim copyright to said assets. All use is made under the Fair Use doctrine in section 107 of the US Copyright Law.



  • Replaced ‘How are you?’ dialogue option with the relationship check. His response is based on the currenty affinity stage. There are 5 stages in total.
  • Added some more stuff to the ‘Random Question’ dialogues.
  • Added a Trump Suit, reflecting his usual real world outfit.
  • Added tons of new random audio lines for different situations.


  • Added basic 5-stage affinity system. Details here.
  • Added a unique perk that is rewarded for reaching the maximum affinity level.
  • Tweaked Donalds NPC stats to make him stronger and competitive in higher level game.
  • Implemented tons of new audio for dialogues and random shouts. This includes audio lines for combat, environment and player dialogue.
  • The ‘Random Question’ talk option now has a rotation of nine different dialogues instead of just one.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Donald to walk around while in dialogue.


  • Made the Hillary NPC talkable to.
  • The player is given the choice to bribe, threaten or attack the Hillary NPC during the recruitment quest instead of being forced to kill it to advance.
  • Slightly altered Trumps face, removing all scars.
  • Fixed a bug that would enable the player to recruit Trump as a companion before the recruitment quest is completed.
  • Fixed some typos in the dialogues.


  • Initial release on nexusmods