YoLauncher 1.0 Release

After all planned features for YoLauncher were implemented within the 9 months of development and beta testing, it’s time to release and promote our stable version of YoLauncher as of today.

Alongside switching from a beta to a stable release, this update introduces some enhancements and changes for better usability. We’ve also added a documentation page to the yolauncher webs to help server admins understand how modpacks work.

Region & Country auto-detection

We have decided to remove the manual assignment of region for each server on the yolauncher website and moved to an ip-based auto-detection instead. In effect, all servers in the serverlist now have a proper (filterable!) region assignment and even a country flag for their hosting location.

Region & Location Display

UI & MOds Improvements

  • Added a ‘clear’ button to the server history table
  • Added a seperate icon button to uninstall a modpack in the top app bar
  • Added a cleanup & validation procedure for the client mods folder
  • Direct Connections now support modpacks as well
  • … more bugfixes and enhancements. Full changelog is available in-app.

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