GuildGUI – LiF:YO Client Mod

This is a client-mod for Life is Feudal: Your Own that provides an ingame interface to the Guild Management on a server’s Livemap.

If the server is properly setup and configured to support GuildGUI, you will see this message in your System Chat once you enter the world:

If you don’t see this message, the server does not support GuildGUI and the CTRL+G hotkey will not work. Server owners need to have a Livemap (2.6+) set up and TTmod (1.2+) installed and configured for GuildGUI. If you are a server owner, please refer to the TTmod Documentation for details.

How To Get

The mod is now available through YoLauncher, which is the prefered installation method.

manual Installation

If not using YoLauncher, you can download the independent version from here and follow these instructions:

Unpack the contents of the downloaded zip file into your LiF:YO installation directory. Overwrite existing files (if any). You don’t have to edit any files or execute console commands. The mod will auto-load.

If you don’t know where your LiF folder is located, use the “Browse Local Files” button in Steam to get directly into it.

Do not try to unzip the included file. Just leave it as is.



You may redistribute this mod on your server websites and include it in modpacks or modloaders. Permission is hereby granted.