Tradepost Mod Update 1.5

It’s been a while since the last update for the trading post mod. Today I’m releasing a new version that implements a transaction log, trading of potions and similar items with effects and Alignment offers for the server market.

Preserving Effects

The effects of all items, including preperations, potions and cocktails should now be preserved when trading them through the guild trading post. For server market offers, the GM can activate them and configure the magnitutde through the UI when setting up the offer.

All items with effects now have an icon with a tooltip showing their effects list. *Note that this is imported from the default item_effects.xml file. If you made changes to this file on your server, the trading UI won’t display them correctly and show the default values instead.

Alignment Trade

The server market (Sell To Crown, Server Sales) now support Alignment offers. Players can buy or sell Alignment for coins if such offers are set up by the GM/Admins. The guild trading tab does not support this type of transaction however.

You can also set player alignment limits in the Administration tab to allow buying and selling alignment within a defined range only.

Transaction Log

Sometimes, item transactions fail and cause players to lose items. There’s a number of reasons for this. It could be players leaving the trading posts during a transaction, dropping items, merging or splitting item stacks, incomptaibility with other mods, technical difficulties, bugs in the mod or in the game. In earlier versions this was almost impossible to track for GMs, as failed trades weren’t logged.

The new transaction log in the Admin tab keeps track of every single item transaction that the mod attempts and reports success or failure. I hope this is useful for Admins to trace back any issue that a player may report.


  1. Horses are now excluded from age-check and can be traded at any age/durability
  2. New offer UI for the guild trading post now sets the stack size of the selected item stack as a default, instead of 1.
  3. Added direct link to user guide to trading UI footer
  4. Fixed loss of GM mode after receiving regional items
  5. Fixed missing locale for trading post charge/withdraw actions in the protocol
  6. Fixed error output in server console under certain conditions
  7. Fixed potential item duplication issue


Download and unpack the new server mod v1.5. Overwrite the old files. You may backup and re-use the old config.cs since this file didn’t change. Then restart the server.

If any issues occur after the update, please report them in the forums. Don’t forget to attach a server logfile and a precise description (or screenshot) of the issue. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Tradepost Mod Update 1.5”

  1. Hello, I am a server administrator in China. For some reasons, the server in China cannot use the trade module you made. Can I pay to set up a trade server in China to realize the server using trade module? I’m sorry that my English is not very good, please understand.

  2. Love the new updates. I’m wondering if you could add a way to sell stacks instead of only individual items. That would be helpful when trying to sell meats, feathers, etc. when you have an overabundance at a discounted price.

    1. I’m a GM and I totally agree with you.
      I would like to sell/buy somthing like stones, but at 1 copper coin a stone, it’s totally abusive.
      I wish I could sell 300 units or more for 1 copper coin, and in all tab of the trading post.

  3. Hello, I would like to know if there is a possibility to host the tradingpost on my own server. Or if I can have a Brazilian Portuguese translation file.

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