Caution! Explosives! Note 7 is coming to Fallout 4

I was able to finish a new mod for Fallout 4 this weekend. It’s a parody on the Note 7 glitch. It adds explosive Note 7 and S8 phones to Fallout 4. But it wasn’t enough. Don’t ask me why but I had that odd need to make this whole thing kind of lore-friendly. Well, it was a partial success , but I’m happy with the result.

The mod adds an NPC named ‘Noogle Gow’ to the Drumlin Diner. You’ll get why I used that name when you hear him talk: I used a free text-to-speech engine for his voice. For the story part, he’ll claim to be a pre-war Synth built by Noogle, long before The Institute even existed. sa_note74When asked, he’ll tell the very true story about Synths and how The Institute stole Noogles technology after the war. I also used the chance for a bit of sarcastic self-critizism here I guess.

After this bit of chat he’ll give you 10 Note 7 samples for testing purposes. The quest objective is completed once the device was used on 7 different individuals. Unfortunately, multi-hits don’t count here, so you have to be precise. Anyway, if you happen to run out of phones, you can go back to Gow and buy more.

sa_note75Once the objective is completed, return to Gow and tell him what you think about the device. There are four very different answers to choose from. Bizarrely, all of them will make Gow very sad. However, he offers compensation for your inconvenience and will give you some brand-new prototypes of the Salaxy S8. This completes the quest and unlocks the crafting recipes for the Note 7 and S8 in the chem station. Gow will stay in the Diner and serves as vendor for Gamsung products.

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