YoLauncher 0.5 Update

Yesterday we’ve published a new update for YoLauncher that includes mainly fixes, minor visual enhancements and an alternative serverlist fetching method. Due to some reports of people being unable to get YoLauncher to build a proper serverlist we’ve implemented an alternative way that doesn’t utilize Steam services directly. This can be toggled on/off in the app settings. You don’t need to worry about this if your serverlist in YoLauncher was working fine before.

There’s also a new setting that lets you configure the local serverlist caching time. Be careful with low timings as that might get your IP blocked if YoLauncher is spamming Steam’s servers too much from your machine.

YoLauncher 0.4 Update

serverlist filter

Yesterday we’ve updated YoLauncher to a new release with some quality of life enhancements for both players and server admins. Next to the serverlists refresh button you’ll find a filter function that lets you search for different criteria such as mods, tags, regions and some more. We will likely expand the filter in the future based on your feedback.

A “direct connect” function has been added to mimic the in-game counterpart This allows joining hidden/private servers through YoLauncher.

Server owners can now set recommended, required and forbidden client mods on the yolauncher.app website for their servers. The launcher will then notify users about conflicts, missing mods or your recommendations when they attempt to join the server.

client mod settings

We’ve also added some stats and error collection. Right now this is just counting app startups, mod installations and server joins. Steam API errors are also reported to our web api to gather more information about an issue that some users are currently facing.

The new version is distributed through the auto-updater. If you’re not using YoLauncher yet, grab a copy from https://yolauncher.app.

YoLauncher 0.3 Update & Progress

After the initial beta release back in January I’ve come to team up with our friends at LiFX to make YoLauncher the best it can be.

Today we’re releasing an updated version that features even more details about servers and a client mod manager with the most popular mods that can be installed or uninstalled in one click. Note that YoLauncher is not compatible with earlier autoloaders released by LiFX or me, such as art.zip or core.zip. It’ll cleanup these deprecated versions from your YO directory and fully rely on the mods you’ve installed from the YoLauncher GUI to avoid conflicts.

The app is now distributed through our new website at https://yolauncher.app

We’ve also set up a login for server owners at the YoLauncher website that lets you customize how your own server should be displayed in YoLauncher. In addition to editing the already existing facts, you can now add a short server description and tag your server with themes such as “PvP” or “RP”.

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YoLauncher 0.2 Beta Release

Every end is a new beginning. When Bitbox announced the end of the LiF:MMO, I felt something new coming up. I started working on a simple desktop application that drags the serverlist out of the game. Why? Because this way, we could build our own replacement for Steam Workshop eventually.

The launcher displays the serverlist and lets you direct-join any server. It’ll then launch the LiF:YO game and autoconnect you to the selected server. This is a better way of connecting people to servers because you could download and install any mods and assets that the server requires before the game launches.

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Tradepost Mod Update 1.5

It’s been a while since the last update for the trading post mod. Today I’m releasing a new version that implements a transaction log, trading of potions and similar items with effects and Alignment offers for the server market.

Preserving Effects

The effects of all items, including preperations, potions and cocktails should now be preserved when trading them through the guild trading post. For server market offers, the GM can activate them and configure the magnitutde through the UI when setting up the offer.

All items with effects now have an icon with a tooltip showing their effects list. *Note that this is imported from the default item_effects.xml file. If you made changes to this file on your server, the trading UI won’t display them correctly and show the default values instead.

Alignment Trade

The server market (Sell To Crown, Server Sales) now support Alignment offers. Players can buy or sell Alignment for coins if such offers are set up by the GM/Admins. The guild trading tab does not support this type of transaction however.

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TTmod 1.5 released

This update fixes two issues found in v1.4 and adds new functions for future Livemap updates. The api documentation page was updated accordingly.

TTmod Download Page

Updating notices

  • Make sure to restart your server after updating the mod files.
  • If you are hosting a Livemap on your own webserver, make sure it is updated to 3.1.0 or higher before updating TTmod.


  • Fixed: Animals table for Livemap doesn’t populate occaisonally
  • Fixed: RCON player kick not working
  • Added option to insert the character name to the MOTD.
  • Added new RCON command type for Alignment manipulation
  • Added method to bind RCON commands to callback events
  • Added new playtime-sensitive callbacks for character and account playtime on the server

LiF:YO Livemap 3.1 released

Version 3.1 launches today on Github and FeudalTools, with focus on new TTmod functions and map tilesets.

RCON Scheduler

It has been asked for a billion times and now it’s finally here. Thanks to new TTmod functionality, you can now schedule all RCON commands for a later date/time or even in repetitive intervals.

Spam a link to your server website into chat every hour, warn people about an upcoming server reboot or automatically distribute coins to online players. It’s a powerful new tool to toy with.

RCON Schedule Table

Animal Spawn Locations

A new layer with its own permission flag was added. It displays the spawn location, type and quality of animals. These locations are randomly generated during server startup. This layer also requires the latest TTmod 1.4 to display data.

Tileset Maps

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TTmod 1.4 released

This version adds new functions to be utilized by the LiF:YO Livemap as well as new TorqueScript functions for custom mod and script development. The api documentation page was updated accordingly.

The changes are mostly interesting for people interested in mod or script development. You can read about all the other changes in the Livemap update post.

TTmod Download Page

Updating notices

  • Make sure to restart your server after updating the mod files.
  • If you are hosting a Livemap on your own webserver, make sure to update it to the latest version before you update TTmod. Otherwise it will break RCON functions.


  • Added database table for RCON schedule
  • Removed database table nyu_rcon_queue
  • Added database table for animal spawn locations
  • Added column for world type (color) to nyu_ttmod_info table
  • Added object for scheduled rcon commands
  • Added new callbacks for JH begin and JH end
  • Added player respawn functions from Tradepost Mod
  • addTrigger function now returns the trigger object
  • Fixed minor issue in trigger behavior (benefits Tradepost Mod)
  • Fixed bug TTmod_getPosition() function

FeudalTools Update 2.2

With this update, all the hosted Livemaps on FeudalTools were migrated to the new v3 version. The old Livemap is no longer maintained. I’ve also spent some time working on changes and new features that were requested in the forums and through other channels. Lastly, the site is now a business asset, meaning that the donation system is replaced with a commercial premium subscription system.

Livemaps Upgrade

All the v2 Livemaps were upgraded. Configurations and permission groups were converted as effective as possible. However I highly recommend you to spend this one or two minutes to double-check your configuartion. Also take a look at the new features if you haven’t yet.

Map Image Generation

You will notice that the colors and shading of the map images has slighly changed. Beforehand, there was a color assigned to each surface type (rock, soil, water, …) that was brightened or darkened depending on tile slope. This is no longer the case. Instead, the image generator is already using real textures to prepare for Livemap Tilesets (see below).

New: Image Exporter

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FeudalTools Livemaps Migration

All hosted Livemaps on FeudalTools will be upgraded to v3 next Monday, 20th January along with a general update of the site.

I’m also moving FeudalTools into my business for legal and tax reasons. In consequence of that, all the contribute & donation stuff will be replaced with a premium subscription. All active supporter accounts will be converted accordingly. In this first step it’s a change of wording only. More info is coming on Monday.

Because the Livemaps migration, new payment integration and FeudalTools update altogether is rather complex, there might be noticable downtime on Monday. Thanks for understanding.