FeudalTools Support Forums & Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, FeudalTools! The website launched exactly one year ago in version 1.0.0 as a closed beta with about a dozen users testing it and deploying custom maps to their LiF:YO servers. One week later, closed beta ended and the gates opened for the general public.

Since then, over 3,100 different Steam users have signed in, about 1,300 gameservers servers were added to the Server Manager and almost 10,000 jobs were processed by the backend.

FeudalTools Forums

I get many questions and messages about FeudalTools and Livemaps, all spread across email, social media and the comment section here. Often times it’s quite repetitive, so I decided to set up a small forum to have all Q&A, issues and discussion about FeudalTools, Livemaps and YO servers in one place and (hopefully) build up some kind of knowledge base over time.

New FeudalTools Forms: https://forum.feudal.tools

*Update 2018-03-19*
There was a problem with some email providers (yahoo, gmail) not receiving activation mails. This is fixed now and all accounts have been activated manually.

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