LiF:YO Livemap 2.3.0 released

It’s finally here! This new update for the LiF:YO Livemap introduces a page for players to view and manage their guild through a user-friendly web interface. Guild leaders can change member ranks, manage guild standings and edit permissions for ranks, standing types, guilds and characters. It allows to do anything that can be done via /guild commands in game. The guild management page is fully optional and is disabled by default. You  can enable it on the configuration page.

Please note that all actions are processed through the server in the same way the /guild commands work. If the server is rejecting an action, it is usually not a problem of the webinterface. Please check if the same change can be done successfully ingame using the appropriate /guild command before reporting a bug.

Another thing we have discovered is that alliances can bring huge bugs into the standing system. An alliance is created once one guild sends an ally request and the other guild accepts it. The initiating guild then becomes a ‘Kingdom’ and the other guild becomes ‘Vassal’. (See LiF wiki here for more details). Apparently, vassal guilds are not able to change any standings until the alliance is broken up and the guild type goes back to ‘Country’. This part of the system seems bugged to me. I’ve seen many cases where the game did not fully disband an alliance, leaving at least one guild in some inconsistant vassal state with no kingdom counterpart, meaning they won’t be able to change standings… ever. I highly recommend to avoid the ‘ally’ standing at this point. Use ‘friendly’ instead and assign all permissions to this standing type.

For the full changelog, see the Changelog on the LiF:YO Livemap Page.

Hosted livemaps on will be updated tomorrow, 31st Dec.
*Update 31/12* Hosted livemaps have been updated.

6 thoughts on “LiF:YO Livemap 2.3.0 released”

  1. a big thank you for your work. it would be nice to be able to add an automatic message before reboot server. example: reboot in 15 min, reboot in 10 min, reboot in 5 min. thank you for the time you spend on your own

  2. Where is the guild management section? There is no user permission and nothing in the account/character management screen that i can see.

  3. Thank you for your tools!
    But i need some help:
    – I have server o Windows 7 in Moskov time zone, and my server ingme time dont match to the livemap time.
    – How i can make to restart my server dayly?

    1. You cannot use it in dedicated databases. It must be used with the gameserver database.

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