LiF:YO Livemap 2.2.0 released

Guild Standings

Time to push out an update for the LiF:YO Livemap with a number of small improvements and additions before I start working on the next new feature, which will be a guild management page where guild leaders can login and manage their guild online – soon™

Guild Standings & Member Ranks
Member Ranks

With this update, some of the new YO features are now implemented in the livemap as well. Guild member ranks are now displayed as icons in the claim memberlist. All ranks are localized and gender specific. Users of the dedicated map can edit the rank names in the locale.php file.

Furthermore, the guild standings are drawn as colored lines whenever a claim is highlighted. This is, by the way, a new group permission that you can disable if you have to. It is enabled by default.

Visual Improvements
Font Selection

Font options have been added to the appearance settings: You can choose from a selection of different fonts to customize your claim labels and claim detail tooltips. Talking about claim tooltips – all claims are assigned an icon based on their size next to their name.

Find the complete changelog with all the fixes and minor changes on the LiF:YO Livemap Download page.

All hosted livemaps on were updated respectively.

11 thoughts on “LiF:YO Livemap 2.2.0 released”

  1. Hallo Nyuton,

    es scheint so als würde die Claim population Funktion nicht funktionieren. Sie ist in den Einstellungen aktiviert, aber es passiert nichts wenn Gäste mit der Maus über die Claims hovern.


    1. Changelog:
      v2.2.2 – Nov 14, 2017
      Fixed claim detail tooltips not showing up when member list display was disabled.

  2. Ok.. Like… I have a rented server, I want to install a map, i got your sql and terrain files, but where is the tutorial for how to do this. My Server admin gives me server access, i get Heidi SQL and FTP, but i dont know where to put what or to run what. Is there a tutorial

  3. I’m getting a beach altitude error when trying to update vanilla map with original map patches.
    It won’t let me set the altitude of the beach between 50-150, it’s stuck on 375 for some reason.

    1. Yeah I can confirm that original map patches are broken atm. Will look at it this evening and try to fix it.

    1. I just tested it with Nyu island, works perfectly! Thanks for the incredibly quick fix!
      Question: Is it possible to add both of the original map patches to one map? Just thought I’d ask before trying it myself.

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