LiF:YO Livemap v1.2.2 released

I haven’t had much time to work on the LiF:YO Livemap lately, because the custom maps are really time consuming at the moment. I’ll share some screenshots and details about the work-in-progress project within the upcoming week. Meanwhile, I managed to implement some features that have been requested by some users for the livemap.

The online player counter will show a list of online players in a tooltip when highlighted. Same for the restarts timer. It’ll show the time of all scheduled server restarts that have been configured. Additionally, each player in the claim memberlists has an online/offline indicator icon.

All player status related features require the server mod installed and can be switched off in config.php if you don’t like to show these information to the public. This is what the new SHOW_ONLINE_NAMES option is for.

» Download Page

» Config & Install Guide

Full Changelog:
  • Added tooltip with list of online players for the online player counter on top.
  • Added tooltip with times of daily restarts for the restart countdown on top.
  • Added online/offline idicator icon for guild claim members.
  • Fixed claims positions. There were off by one pixel in the Y-axis.
  • Fixed minor issue in server mod, which printed some unnecessary warnings in the server console and the logfiles.


3 thoughts on “LiF:YO Livemap v1.2.2 released”

  1. The tracker for player seems not to be working, it shows on our 2/64 when I click on it it shows “Now online” but nothing else, as a GM I cannot see the players where they are

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