LiF:YO Custom Maps Incoming!

As already announced in the official LiF:YO forums, we’ll bring custom maps to the game. I’ll go into detail in a later post. However, most of the work is already done and it’s time for some fine tuning. Only intense testing can tell if the map(s) are playable in the long term and ready for deployment on real servers. Therefore, I opened two public testing servers:
“Himalaya” Map
» Download Minimap Mod
updated 2017-02-18

For this map I used a 60×60 km heightmap extract of the Himalaya region and masked the edges to forge an island. Due to the square shape of that island, there is a high amount of building space available.
“Gran Canaria” Map
» Download Minimap Mod
updated 2017-02-16

This is the real-world heightmap of Gran Canaria. A lucky pick for LiF, because most real-world islands are either too flat or would waste too much space in the square map due to their shape. But this one fits well.

Ingame minimap needs to be fixed

The only downside of using a custom map is that you’ll have to “fix” your minimap by replacing some files. This is what the “Minimap Mods” are for. Extract the contents of the zip files into your game folder and overwrite everything. To uninstall, simply use the “verify files” function in Steam. Anyway – if you don’t install the mod, you will still be able to join the server and play normally, but you’ll have the default minimap.

Testing purposes

Are the ressources distributed properly? Is their amount sufficient? Or too much? Is the amount of high and low quality cells balanced? Trees okay? Found enough clay? Many questions need to be answered.

We want to build balanced and long-term-ready maps. So please don’t hesistate to share your thoughts and findings. Post them into the official forums thread, use the comment section here or contact me directly if you found something that could mess up gameplay in the long run or have any kind of improvement suggestions.



11 thoughts on “LiF:YO Custom Maps Incoming!”

  1. This is so awesome! A mod like this would make You’re Own playable long after the MMO goes up too. I played on the Himalayan Map for 15 minutes, dug around and whatnot, never had an issue with lag or anything weird going on. Only issue I saw was that it took me far longer to load in than a normal server, and with more people on I’m sure it would’ve been much worse. Good luck! I hope to see this mod completed and popular!

  2. can these be use in singleplayer/non-dedicated server mode (launch game and use “create a world” option)?

  3. Your file is not working. I keep getting this Error message: Invalid rar header: 3. And with it comes this. You need to have JIT enabled on your computer under windows.config and make sure that rar.extractor also has JIT enabled in order to fix bugged files and enable debugging. Soooo appearently this “minimap updater” is bugged to all hell. GEEEEE THANKS!!!!!

    1. It’s been working flawlessly for me and all my buddies so far…I know of about 100 people all on my server that use without any issues…perhaps it’s your machine causing the issues…I think your main issue is trying to use a .rar program…try using 7zip to extract it….here’s a link in case you don’t have it already

    2. I think if your computer is trying to handle a zip file like a rar file, it’s more likely that your computer is “bugged as hell”.

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