LiF:YO Livemap v3.0 Beta

Finally, the new Livemap built on Leaflet is ready for testing. I have uploaded the dedicated version to a public Github repository. FeudalTools was updated with a temporary version switch that lets you switch to v3.0 early. After everything is tested and considered ‘stable’ I’ll start migrating all existing hosted livemaps to v3.0 (but not yet).

Help wanted

Help is needed in the testing and translating departments. This project has become so big that it’s almost impossible for one person to deeply test all the functions, buttons, forms and dialogs against all kind of different gameserver configurations. Please try to use v3 for your everyday activities as soon as possible and report anything that looks wrong to the forums or directly to the issues list on Github.

Translations were converted to a LiF-like XML format. I’m especially looking for the French and Russian translation right now – but all translations are welcome and can be submitted in the forum (or Github) as usual. Check out the localization files @ Github

New Features

Leaflet Map

Surely the most noticeable change is the usage of a real map rendering library. This improves the whole look and feel of the Livemap to a more marture and modern web-app. The header bar was integrated and was reduced to contain status information about the server only.

All layer control buttons were moved to a dedicated toolbar on the right side. All links and extra functions were moved into a menu that can be opened through a menu icon next to the header bar.

New Layers & Toggleability

A new layer for trees was added. All layers can now be toggled seperately. Even guild claims and outposts can be hidden.

Server Settings & Rules Popups

There are new dialogs for both server settings and server rules. You can write down the server rules on the configuration page.

Server settings are auto-detected, but it works only if the server is up and running.

Permission Group changes

Steam Login available

The permission groups had two major changes. First, you can now add Steam IDs to login-enabled groups, so GMs and moderators and use their Steam account to login (and stay logged in through cookie). Second, the whole tagging feature was removed for now. It’ll maybe return through the Character Management interface at a later point in time, but it was important to have the groups for permission management only and untie them from other functions.

Custom markers (POI) and Areas

You can now add custom markers as ‘points of interest’ to the map. You can also draw custom areas with arbitrary shape onto the map.

Guild popups on click

The guild details tooltip doesn’t open on mouseover anymore. You’ll see a reduced tooltip with the guild name and tier. The traditional guild info popup opens on click. I have also reworked the way members are displayed for very large guilds to avoid popups exceeding the screen.

RCON Interface reworked

The RCON interface was overhauled to allow running RCON commands on multiple online players at once. You can select one, multiple or all online players from a table and run any of the known RCON commands on.

Guild Management / GuildGUI

A much-requested feature finally made it into the UI: You can now change standings with multiple (or all) guilds in one go. This will hopefully save a bit of time and encourage the use of standings.


  • Full multi-tenancy support. Opening multiple livemaps (v3) in different browser tabs won’t cause issues anymore.
  • Reorganized configuration page structure
  • Outpost icons have a small semi-transparent background circle representing their claim size.
  • JH icon was changed
  • JH info in header now has a tooltip stating the weekly JH times and dates
  • The next restart tooltip now displays timestamps in local time instead of server time
  • The ingame time info now has a tooltip with more information and a timer for the next midnight cycle
  • Trading Post icon was changed
  • Guild tier names/localization was dropped. It’ll instead display the guild tier as a number.
  • Support for TTmod older than 1.3 was dropped

… and probably a bunch of other things I forgot.

3 thoughts on “LiF:YO Livemap v3.0 Beta”

  1. Theres some Problem with the dedicated version. I installed it on my server, so far so good. After that i will get an loginscreen if i open up the Livemaplink, i typed in the password i set in the confi-dedicated.php but with clicking on “OK” nothing happens.

  2. I’m a player on a server and the admininstrator changed to the new version recently. There are a few complains from us players, which hopefully will be changed for better user experience.

    1) The claim planner tool is just one green circle and not as before with different shades of green for the monument stages.
    2) The symbol for player position is too big und the player names are missing. Clicking on it every time is really annoying.
    3) The grey fields of the guild names covering all below.
    4) You can’t disable the mousewheel zoom
    5) One user disliked the bridge symbols and prefers the older drawn images.

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