Tradepost Mod Update 1.4

Trading Post Operation Modes

Manage Funds

The owners of a trading post can now switch between two operation modes for their guild offers. The default ‘Bartermode represents the classic coinless offers using virtual values for items. With the new ‘Currency’ mode, the trading post buys and sells items in exchange for coins only. In order to process purchases and payout coins to traders, it must be charged with coins by the owners first.

Currency Mode

Flexible server market prices

In addition to the reverse auction offers added in the last update, GMs can now find a third offer type for the server market: Flexible. Much like the reverse auctions, their price will move in favor of the players over time. However, each sold/bought item will push the price in the opposite direction. In contrast to reverse auctions, flex-price offers have no quantity limit.

Flexible Price Offer

Fixes & Enhancements

  • Multiple offers for the same item in the Guild Offers list are now grouped
  • Notification messages are now displayed as an overlay in the bottom corner and won’t change the page layout and the positioning of UI elements anymore.
  • Destroyed trading posts are now correctly removed from the database and won’t clutter the global listing with non-exisiting offers anymore
  • A miscalculation in the reverse auction price was fixed
  • The owners guild name is now displayed in top right corner (unless GM mode is active)
  • Minor bugfixes. See the in-game changelog for full details.


Download and unpack the new server mod v1.4 and overwrite the old files. You may backup and re-use the old config.cs since this file didn’t change. Then restart the server.

If any issues occur after the update, please report them in the forums. Don’t forget to attach a server logfile and a precise description (or screenshot) of the issue. Thank you.

Guide Updated

The extensive mod user guide was updated to reflect all new features from the 1.3 and 1.4 update.

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