TerraTool closed beta started

The closed beta for LiF:YO TerraTool has started today. Access keys have been sent to everyone who asked for it. (If I forgot you, I didn’t do it on purpose. It was a busy day, please just send me a message again). The first few map deployments have been completed already and things look pretty good in general.

As already announced in the last post, there are five different maps available for starters. More maps will join the collection over time. If you have ideas and suggestions, feel free to post them. What all the maps are based on is simply a 16-bit-grayscale heightmap of 1533 x 1533 pixel size. I’m also considering to implement an “upload and simulate” option where you can experiment with your own creations and use them for map deployment eventually. But… first things first. Map customisation options and SQL file distribution method are on top of the to-do-list for now.

The closed beta phase will last for one week at least. I’m looking to finish it as soon as possible, but will extend it in case problems pop up. There will be a little downtime during the next days, because the server has a defective memory which needs to be changed (see: Murphy’s Law).


15 thoughts on “TerraTool closed beta started”

  1. Hey, if it is not too late I was wondering if I may be able to help with the closed beta. I am very interested in these new maps and believe they can add countless more hours to the gameplay experience.

  2. Hello, we are a German-RolePlay Server and we are very interested in your maps.

    We love the map Riverside. Is it still possible to get a key for it?
    If it’s not too late we would really enjoy it. We think it would be a enrichment for the Server and the community. Many many thanks in Advance,


  3. Bump,

    🙂 same here instead were not German but a English guild. The Riverside map is the closest to the MMO map i think and it would be great if we could test it for you. People nowadays are in search of new things and tired of the ‘normal’ YO map.

    If its still possible we would like to receive a key, if your close to release just keep up the good work and we’ll wait for your work to finish. (Is there any way to support your work?)


  4. Hello,
    i’m interested in a key too. It would be nice if i could test the software.


  5. Hey nyuton, is it to late to ask for a key to the closed beta? I was wondering on have this map for the brazilian community of Life is Feudal. You’re doing a great work, thanks!

  6. Guys, no more keys are being sent. Closed beta will transition to public beta tomorrow evening (Central European Time). Key activation will be removed from login page and everyone having a Steam Account will be able to access and use it.

    1. Today’s release is confirmed nyuton?
      Our community is waiting to launch a server with its wonderful work.

  7. Very eager to release maps.

    Let’s set up a Brazilian community server with one of these wonderful maps!

    Thank you, great work.

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