TerraTool: End of closed beta

Good news! After fixing some issues in the last week during the closed beta I’m glad to announce that TerraTool can be used by everyone as of now. Key activation was removed from login page earlier this evening.

Minimap Updater Script

From now on, minimap fix won’t require downloading individual minimap files for each map anymore. Instead, we will use a handy little updater script that takes care of this job and comes with some other benefits. For details, check the TerraTool Downloads page. Just put this file into your LiF:YO directory and run it whenever needed.

New Map ‘Exile’

If you’re still not satisfied, here’s something else. A new map has joined the collection! This will be all about the question: Who will take control of the northeastern penisula and the vast amount of ressources on it?

Keep in mind that TerraTool is still in beta state. There is absolutely no warranty that every feature and function works 100% as intended. Use at your own risk and please report any malfunction or issue you’re experiencing.

I’ll keep adding und improving stuff over the course of the coming days and weeks. You can always track the latest changes in the changelog. Hopefully we will see many new servers using a custom map in near future.

6 thoughts on “TerraTool: End of closed beta”

  1. First of all I would like to thank you and say how good and noble your work is.
    I’m an ordinary player. I’d like to test the local maps. When I access the part of add servers I put my ip ( or do I need an external ip? Is the database part default? I can make connection for Heidi but the website does not. Thanks and again, congratulations

  2. Great work. Feudal Realms has introduced the Himalaya map for our 8th Iteration. One thing noticed are the animal paths are somewhat odd.. many times they don’t move or run in place, and tracking is difficult. Know of any options to tweak this?

  3. Ok so I have my own dedicated box, no need for ftp transfers I can start terratool and create my rivermap sql and download right to the server from firefox. Terratool connects right up to the database. My game is in c:\LIF my database is lif_1, my world id is, world_1 so I used 1 for the sql world id number. Before doing anything I wiped my game from c:\LIF and reinstalled it from steam so I had fresh new files. I deleted and remade my lif_1 db from heidi. I created the sql, I placed the server_terrains_1 file in my c:\LIF folder extracted here and individually said yes to each file overwrite. I edited the World_1 file to animals zero and the day cycle to 0.1 as instructed and saved. I imported the sql to my db using both the auto setting and the utf8 settings because i have redone this about 5 times now each time starting fresh. I started the server and let it update the navmeshes waiting for the finished message. I do get some errors starting the server but they are errors with types of objects, shield types to be exact. After the server finished I shut it back down and went into c:\LIF\data\navmeshes and deleted the file. I changed my world_1 file back to my settings and reran the server to update the navmeshes. I notice that while there are no errors when the navmeshes are repopulating I get a lot of info messages in green that there is no contour in rccontourset on navmesh 1338. No matter what I do when I go into the game I see my mini map, the world has changed, the terrain is beautiful by the way…I see animals running around but my rivers are mostly filled in. What am I missing.

    1. Does terratool always need to be connected to steam and running while the game is running? i’m at a loss here.

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