TerraTool: Livemaps have arrived (1.6.0)

This new update for TerraTool implements hosted livemaps. The livemaps can be enabled in Server Manager for all servers connected to TerraTool. Once enabled, it’ll give you a unique link for your livemap which you can use for yourself or share it on your server´s website.

You can find all the information about the new, updated livemaps and features on the Livemap 2.0 Update post.

Please be aware these hosted maps are still in testing stage. I have no idea how bad the performance impact will be with dozens of maps hosted on the server but I guess we’ll find out ultimately.

Map Lists Reworked

The map selection list for the official and the community-created maps have had an overhaul. As the list of user created maps has grown, I’ve implemented a ‘like’ button which you can use to vote up good maps. Combined with the new sorting and ordering functions, this should lead to a better overview and a offer some better way to find what you’re looking for quickly as the amount of available maps increases.

“Remember me”

No idea why I didn’t do this earlier but I’ve added a ‘keep me logged in’ option to the login page which will remember your login (through cookie) for 30 days unless you logout manually.

As usual, detailed information about all changes can be found in the changelog. Some of these parts didn’t go through tough testing yet, so please report any issues you may find.

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