LiF:YO Livemap 2.1.0 released

This update introduces a new tool for Admins/GMs to (hopefully) simplify character management on the server and disclose some information about user activity or inactivity.

All administrators and login-enabled groups with the respective permission will find this new button in the navigation. It’ll display a table of all characters and their details on the server. The table can be filtered by different criteria and sorted by most columns in any direction. With the TTmod installed, it takes advantage of the statistics tracker which was implemented when the Livemap 2.0 released. It shows the ‘last seen’ timestamp and the total playtime of each character. Note that these columns can’t be displayed on servers without the mod installed, as these information are not present in the database by default.

On the bottom of the page you have the option to apply a bulk action to all selected characters, such as deletion, disable/ban or alignment change. Combined with the sorting, filters and table expanding (up to 400 records per page) this is a pretty powerful feature for older servers who struggle with all the good names being taken by inactive players. You could simply delete everyone who hasn’t logged in for x months or something like that.

This feature is nowhere near complete. You can expect more functions in future updates.

RCON permissions

All RCON users should note that the permission option has been separated in two levels. The basic access level will give access to player messaging / kick and ban functions. The advanced level provides access to function triggering and command executions. Check your group permissions after the update.

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Updating from 2.0.0 or newer:
Just replace all files with the new ones. You may omit the “map” folder and the config-dedicated.php file.

Updating from 1.2.4 or older:
Uninstall/delete the old livemap, then perform a clean installation of the new livemap.

Full Changelog
  • New account & character management page implemented
  • Seperated RCON permissions in two levels:
    • Basic: Can message, kick and ban players
    • Advanced: Can trigger server functions and execute commands
  • Changed website main font to the new TerraTool font
  • Changed the design of the group permission selection box
  • Fixed a bug that prevented text selections on configuration and rcon page
  • Fixed a bug on hosted livemaps that sometimes displayed the alternative map background image when it was not even activated in configuration.
  • Removed the in-game player marker on the default map image (ooops)

7 thoughts on “LiF:YO Livemap 2.1.0 released”

    1. Session did reset, but apparently it was possible to load one page/request before the reset. Fixed that. Thanks for pointing that out.

  1. Looking for a perfectly flat map. No features or anything. Just a large area to build. Any suggestions on finding a map like that?

  2. A new “Helper” group was created on the server map 1 and 2. Passwords are different. But you can go to both under one. Video –

    1. Right now it’s not possible host multiple maps on the same domain. Use a different (sub-)domain for the 2nd map.

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