TTmod 1.5 released

This update fixes two issues found in v1.4 and adds new functions for future Livemap updates. The api documentation page was updated accordingly.

TTmod Download Page

Updating notices

  • Make sure to restart your server after updating the mod files.
  • If you are hosting a Livemap on your own webserver, make sure it is updated to 3.1.0 or higher before updating TTmod.


  • Fixed: Animals table for Livemap doesn’t populate occaisonally
  • Fixed: RCON player kick not working
  • Added option to insert the character name to the MOTD.
  • Added new RCON command type for Alignment manipulation
  • Added method to bind RCON commands to callback events
  • Added new playtime-sensitive callbacks for character and account playtime on the server

One thought on “TTmod 1.5 released”

  1. Just wondering are you getting people stating the players are invisible after updating/installing, doing as i normally do with updates this is the first time i have ever had a issue with your mods.. you do great work.. maybe we could take a look? or i i have fat fingered a extra space somewhere…

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