YoLauncher 0.2 Beta Release

Every end is a new beginning. When Bitbox announced the end of the LiF:MMO, I felt something new coming up. I started working on a simple desktop application that drags the serverlist out of the game. Why? Because this way, we could build our own replacement for Steam Workshop eventually.

The launcher displays the serverlist and lets you direct-join any server. It’ll then launch the LiF:YO game and autoconnect you to the selected server. This is a better way of connecting people to servers because you could download and install any mods and assets that the server requires before the game launches.

Imagine server owners being able to upload a modpack somewhere and have the launcher auto-sync it to the players when (before) they join their server. It’s a very convenient and user-friendly way of distributing and installing mods. That would be the end goal. But it’s a long way to go.

For now, the launcher has no mod management yet. But even with no mod support it can still be useful, since it already has some handy features like search/filter and setting a homeserver for quickjoin. It can also display much more information than the ingame serverlist, as it uses FeudalTools and Livemaps to gather information about the servers. Map previews, mod information, and so on. Look at the screenshots to get an idea.

More info to follow soon.

YoLauncher Download

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