Trump Companion Update v1.3

Here it is. A brand-new update for your favourite Fallout 4 companion, the president of the United States himself.

This update brings a bunch of new audio from recent speeches and interviews along with a new ‘relationship’ dialogue option to check the current affinity stage. The Trump Suit has made it into the game as well.

This will be the last update for a while. I don’t focus on FO4 modding at the moment since interest in FO4 is declining rapidly. I’ll look at it again when Fallout 4 VR releases in the 2nd half of this year.

Updating from previous versions

To update from 1.2 just overwrite all files. Clean save is not required.

If the game doesn’t give him the new suit, you can acquire it through the ingame console. Type ‘help Trump 4’ to find the item ID, then type ‘player.additem <id> 1’

To update from 1.1 or earlier, please follow the procedure from the 1.2 update.

Full Changelog
  • Replaced ‘How are you?’ dialogue option with the relationship check. His response is based on the currenty affinity stage. There are 5 stages in total.
  • Added some more stuff to the ‘Random Question’ dialogues.
  • Added a Trump Suit, reflecting his usual real world outfit.
  • Added tons of new random audio lines for different situations.

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