LiF:YO Livemap 3.1 released

Version 3.1 launches today on Github and FeudalTools, with focus on new TTmod functions and map tilesets.

RCON Scheduler

It has been asked for a billion times and now it’s finally here. Thanks to new TTmod functionality, you can now schedule all RCON commands for a later date/time or even in repetitive intervals.

Spam a link to your server website into chat every hour, warn people about an upcoming server reboot or automatically distribute coins to online players. It’s a powerful new tool to toy with.

RCON Schedule Table

Animal Spawn Locations

A new layer with its own permission flag was added. It displays the spawn location, type and quality of animals. These locations are randomly generated during server startup. This layer also requires the latest TTmod 1.4 to display data.

Tileset Maps

The Livemap now supports map tile graphics as an alternative to the classic static background image that gets blurry when zoomed-in. A tileset contains 12285 detailed map image tiles (511 x 511 pixels each) for a total of 6 zoom levels.

Over at FeudalTools, the tileset option of the Image Exporter tool is now enabled and can be used to generate downloadable tilesets or install them directly to your hosted Livemap. Please note that this is currently the only way to install a tileset to a hosted livemap.

Looks like Minecraft but it’s not!

Tilesets generation and usage in hosted maps is free for now. But keep in mind that these tilesets are big (in filesize) and will probably stress the webserver for the 400+ Livemaps that we’re hosting on FeudalTools. We’ll have to see how the usage affects load and traffic. In worst case, tilesets usage might be disabled temporarily or restricted to Premium users in future.

BBCode & Text Editor

The text for server rules and guild charters can now be formatted using a proper text editor or BBCode. You can change font color and size or insert bullet lists, tables, quotes, links and even images.

Admin Steam Login

Since the 3.0 release it’s possible to login to permission groups using Steam authentication. Now this option is available for the admin login as well. For hosted livemaps on FeudalTools the SteamID of the owner will be automatically assigned to the Livemap. For self-hosted livemaps you can configure the SteamID in the Configuration/General tab.


  • Added 4 new POI icons
  • Added character count to AccountIDs in Character Management table
  • Added select all/none buttons to RCON Players table
  • Added selected characters list to RCON Players action dialog
  • Online Player markers are now animated when they change location
  • Custom areas now have a click-popup instead of mouseover-tooltip to show their name and description
  • Opacity of custom areas now changes slightly on mouseover
  • Northern scrolling boundaries were increased, so that guild info dialogs don’t exceed the screen
  • World color is shown in server info dialog (Green/Red)
  • Significant improvements to initial page loading speed
  • On FeudalTools Livemaps, an error dialog will be displayed in case of database connection failure instead of a white error page.

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  1. When I go to delete characters it just goes to a white screen and hangs up. It was hit and miss for a bit. Now it is every tome

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