YoLauncher 0.4 Update

serverlist filter

Yesterday we’ve updated YoLauncher to a new release with some quality of life enhancements for both players and server admins. Next to the serverlists refresh button you’ll find a filter function that lets you search for different criteria such as mods, tags, regions and some more. We will likely expand the filter in the future based on your feedback.

A “direct connect” function has been added to mimic the in-game counterpart This allows joining hidden/private servers through YoLauncher.

Server owners can now set recommended, required and forbidden client mods on the yolauncher.app website for their servers. The launcher will then notify users about conflicts, missing mods or your recommendations when they attempt to join the server.

client mod settings

We’ve also added some stats and error collection. Right now this is just counting app startups, mod installations and server joins. Steam API errors are also reported to our web api to gather more information about an issue that some users are currently facing.

The new version is distributed through the auto-updater. If you’re not using YoLauncher yet, grab a copy from https://yolauncher.app.

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