FeudalTools Compatibility Updates

With todays FeudalTools minor update 1.9.3 all problems with the new LiF:YO patch that dropped two days ago are (hopefully) fixed. The DB Maintenance and Map Refresh tool are back in action and the Tradepost Mod was updated to work with the new YO version. Luckily, a client mod update is not required. It’s a pure server-side fix. So please download the updated server-mod from the FeudalTools Server Manager and restart your server.

In case any further issues occour, please don’t hesistate to let me know in forums or any other channel. Preferably with detailed information about the problem.

The Livemap problems with the new outposts breaking some guild detail information and tooltip visuals are still being worked on.
Update: The Livemap was hotfixed. It won’t dipsplay outposts as guild claims and item distribution through Char. Management works. I will incorporate options to display outposts in the next Livemap update.

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