FeudalTools Update 1.9.0

Todays FeudalTools Update introduces two new major features that people have been asking for forever: Working tradeposts and bridges.

Bridge Builder

Since the introducton of Custom Maps that include rivers, people have asked for bridges.

The new Bridge Builder tool constructs perfectly aligned bridges from existing game assets, such as platforms and pillars. Choose two locations from the game map or enter two GeoIDs and have it construct a bridge between them. It can also create an admin land around it to protect the bridge from offending players.

FeudalTools Tradeposts (Beta)

This new tradepost mod is one of the more ambitious projects and I’ve been working on it for quite a while. Now that it’s done, you can finally put the decorative buildings to some good use and turn them into actual working tradeposts.

As you can see in the screenshots, the tradepost UI has multiple tabs and functions.

The Guild Tradepost is designed for guilds to put their items on sale in exchange for other items. So you can transfer your inventory items to the Sales list and add other items to the Demands list. Each item must be assigned a numeric value to balance the individual trades. This trading system works entirely without currency, but of course nothing keeps you from accepting or selling coin items in exchange for other stuff.

Server Market

The Server Market is a global list of player to server trades. It maintains a list of offers made by GMs or admins on the server. These trade offers are always in exchange for currency and happen between the player and the server. It is thought as a way to implement and spread currency on the server.

This is just a very brief introduction. You can find all the details and mechanics in the Full Tradeposts Guide.

» Client Mod Page

More Changes
  • A new option that lets you delete all guilds without a claim was added to the Database Maintenance tool. Useful for older servers with many abandonded guilds.
  • An ID column was added to the jobs list. Should make it easier to reference failed jobs.
  • The Server Manager will display more detailed error messages if “Add Server” actions fail due to bad database connection.

As usual, all changes can be tracked in the FeudalTools Changelog. If you find any bugs, please don’t hesistate to report them in the Forums.

10 thoughts on “FeudalTools Update 1.9.0”

  1. Amazing, purely amazing, I already donated some more! Just a question, folks who don’t install the client-side, will they still be able to log on and play on the server? Thanks!

    1. Yes. Anyone not having the client mod can just play as normal. They are also shown a message when standing at a trading post saying that they need the mod to trade here.

  2. Thanks! Just one more question, I’ve noticed the mod uses a 1 < 100 < 100 system for coins, we use a 1 < 10 < 10 system. Would it something we can change?

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