LiF:YO Livemap 2.7.0 released

I’m happy to announce a new LiF:YO Livemap update that is stuffed with new cool features and enhancements.

Outpost & Tradepost Icons

Outpost Display

The new outposts were incorporated into the Livemap and can be displayed as icons on the map. Outpost type and owner is visible in the tooltip. “View outposts” is a new permission that is assignable to groups and is activated by default. If you don’t want to display outposts on the map, you can take away this permission from the visitor group any time.

Same as outposts and with their own permission flag comes the trading post icon. This can be useful on servers using the tradeposts mod, so players can see which claim has a trading post set up that might be worth visiting.

Claim-Planner Mode Extended

The new outposts have added some restrictions to where new guild monuments and outposts can be placed. The claim planner tool was updated and split in two modes: Outpost placing mode and monument placing mode, both respecting their restrictions towards minimum distances to other claims and outposts. The circle will change color and let you know in case you can’t build here. Take a look at the screenshots to get a better idea of it.

Monument Mode
Monument Blocked
Outpost Mode




Region Overlay

Region Overlay

With the new update, item regionality has become more important than ever before. I’ve added a region overlay that can be toggled on and off where you can check the regions quickly and see their exact borders.

Guild Management / GuildGUI improvements

Priv Checker

There’s a new function that lets everyone check their own permission level on other guild claims. I have also copied the tradepost mod UI design to the in-game GuildGUI view. It just looks a little bit nicer ingame.

View & Edit Skills

Skill View

The character management table has got a new button to view and edit player skills. You can click into the amount cells to edit them. Online players will have to relog in order to see the changes.


It doesn’t end here. As usual, there are some more quality-of-life improvements:

  • Claim labels can now be completely hidden in “Appearance” configuration
  • Native Spanish translation was added – Thanks to Tonique de la Peña-Zaragoza-España
  • Character Management allows inserting regional items into player inventories
  • Character Managament allows promoting accounts to permanent GMs
  • Character Management shows guild rank for each character
  • Character Management inventory view lists items in alphabetical order
  • Completely removed all ads in Guild Management on hosted livemaps
  • Added warning to delete the updater.php file for dedicated livemaps

As always, full changelog including bug fixes is availabe on the Livemap download page.

FeudalTools hosted livemaps will be updated later today.



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