TTmod 1.3 released

This version adds many new TorqueScript functions for mod development, most of which I needed myself while making an all-new mod for LiF:YO. So consider it the groundwork for the things yet to come. It’s mainly new callbacks and a new position trigger framework. The documentation page was updated accordingly.

This update also fixes the lag/sync issue cause by roads caching described here. This part was completely removed from TTmod and is now handled by the Livemap itself.

TTmod Download Page

Updating notices:
  • If you aren’t using a Livemap hosted by and are hosting it on your own webserver, make sure to update to the latest 2.6.3 Livemap before you update to TTmod 1.3. Older Livemap versions are not compatible.
  • If you have used the database table “nyu_online_players” in some own scripts or websites, use the table “nyu_ttmod_tokens” for this purpose instead. The online players table has been removed due to redundancy.

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