FeudalTools Update 2.1

It’s time to update the site with a few new goodies. Though this is the first site update that doesn’t introduce new features, but focuses on enhancing existing stuff.

Terrain Editor

Radial Selection

The Terrain Editor can now display the positions of guild monuments. They’re displayed as a red dot and shown as Guild Monuments in the cell info dialog.

Following up on some forum requests, a radial selection tool was added to allow for selecting a circle shaped area instead of a rectangle. Selected cells can now be purged from trees and objects using the new ‘clear’ tool.

Clear Tool

I’ve also completed the color and name assignments for all materials in the game. White spots with a ‘SubstanceID’ number in the cell info should no longer appear. Another visual enhancement is the indication of the selected area size in the top left corner (only when selecting stuff)

Original Map Patches

A new set of map patches for the original map was added. Thanks to Achaen for providing the designs and ideas for these. There will be two more joining the list in the coming week.

In addition, resource distribution can now be configured for all patches.

Server Names

Servers in the Server Manager can now be named. This was another request that I found worth implementing. It should help distinguishing the testservers from production when applying scripts and hopefully avoid “accidents”.

keyless donations

Due to some mail problems I’ve fiddled a little with PayPal’s API to implement instant supporter activation for logged in accounts. Donor/Supporter months are now added instantly to the account after transaction completed (if the option was selected).

Full Changelog: https://feudal.tools/index.php?s=changelog

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