Tradepost Mod Update 1.3

This update is a first step in the direction of flexible prices for the Server Market, which is undergoing some major changes. The Server Market was split in two separate tabs for buying and selling, giving the table cells more room for information.

Reverse Auction

I’ve added the option to add Reverse Auctions to the Server Market to allow for more flexible pricing. A Reverse Auction must have a finite quantity. It starts at a high initial price and moves towards a lower minimum price over time. This way, you don’t have to dictate prices necessarily. No more pondering over what could be a reasonable price for item X. You can just make it very expensive to begin with and let the price drop towards a cheap bargain over time. This creates some competition between players. Whoever is willing to pay the price before the next drop gets the items. Others will have to wait for the next sale.

Global Trade List

The second big addition to the Mod is a global list of all guild tradepost offers. This new configurable tab summarizes all existing guild offers on the server, including their location.

To update the mod, download the new version from FeudalTools Server Manager. Overwrite the old files and restart the server. The shutdown date of the old version is not determined yet. Will probably be sometime in April.

5 thoughts on “Tradepost Mod Update 1.3”

  1. The mod is just wonderful. Only there is one request. Please add sections or spoilers. For example: Tools, Armor, Weapons, etc. Then it will be easier for players to open tabs and quickly find what they need to buy. In version 1.3 there is no full Russian language, please add. Sorry for my English.

  2. I really need to know if there is anywhere in the files where I can add lots of items to the tradepost without having to add them line by line while in-game

  3. Hello.
    I have a small family dedicated server that I’ve done since steam, could you tell me how to have Tradepost for the server part.
    Thank you

  4. Just wanted to say thank you for this mod. About to load it onto my server and appreciate your time commitment to be willing to donate it.

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