FeudalTools Update 2.2

With this update, all the hosted Livemaps on FeudalTools were migrated to the new v3 version. The old Livemap is no longer maintained. I’ve also spent some time working on changes and new features that were requested in the forums and through other channels. Lastly, the site is now a business asset, meaning that the donation system is replaced with a commercial premium subscription system.

Livemaps Upgrade

All the v2 Livemaps were upgraded. Configurations and permission groups were converted as effective as possible. However I highly recommend you to spend this one or two minutes to double-check your configuartion. Also take a look at the new features if you haven’t yet.

Map Image Generation

You will notice that the colors and shading of the map images has slighly changed. Beforehand, there was a color assigned to each surface type (rock, soil, water, …) that was brightened or darkened depending on tile slope. This is no longer the case. Instead, the image generator is already using real textures to prepare for Livemap Tilesets (see below).

New: Image Exporter

The image exporter is a new tool that lets you create livemap images of the current state of the server. Customization options allow optional rendering of clay, loose soil and paved tiles as well.

The tool can also export the heightmap of a server. This can be useful if you would like to save the state of a map that you’ve edited through the Terrain Editor.

Another option is the creation of Livemap Tilesets. This isn’t usable yet, but will be activated after the release of the upcoming Livemap version v3.1. Tilesets have detailed image textures for each zoom level and let you zoom-in deeply without any blur occurring, just like on Google Maps. Tilesets are an upcoming, optional Livemap feature.

The image exporter works for Custom Maps only.

Terrain Editor

Edit Material

Based on some feedback, there were some additions to the Terrain Editor. Most substance types are now available for surface edits. That includes all ores and minirals as well as river rock and loose snow.

The terraforming tool has two new options to either lower or raise the selected land by a margin.

Premium subscriptions

As previously announced, the site is a business asset now. All donation references were replaced by a premium subscription system. A 1-month and 12-month plan was added to the already know 3-month plan. The pricing is unchanged for now, but will be adjusted in near future.

Knowledge Base

I’ve set up a dedicated knowledge base at https://kb.feudal.tools and moved the FAQ & Troubleshooting, Tradepost and TTmod documentation there. You can also find some LiF:YO Server setup guides for Windows and Linux there. More stuff to follow.

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