TerraTool is now FeudalTools

Today, the TerraTool project and website was given a new name and URL:

In addition, hosted livemaps are now SSL encrypted under their new link. They will be hosted under the livemap.feudal.tools subdomain.

All old links and URLs are redirected at the moment. So they still work as normal. But please update them on your websites if you find some time. I can’t promise that those redirects will work forever.

Minor Update 1.6.1

I’m glad to say that the minimap on LiF:YO Custom Map servers now works out of the box with no scripts or client-side modifications since the latest game patch. Huge thanks to the devs at Bitbox for making this happen. I have removed the Minimal Update Script from the download page and updated the FAQ accordingly.

Alongside some bugfixes, a privacy poilcy was added to the page to comply with the Steamworks API terms of service.

Full Chagenlog

3 thoughts on “TerraTool is now FeudalTools”

  1. Hi, I just wondered if there is anywhere with a video for simpletons like me on what to do after you download on of the maps on feudal tools. I know there is like guide but for someone like me there is few things I have no idea how to do like extracting the terain files and overwriting. Sorry computers are not my thing but I really want the wishbone map on my server.

  2. Dear dev,
    I am wondering if there is a need for a Dedicated server to run custom maps.
    If not, i would like to ask for a guide of some sorts, maybe a installation guide text file, or even a short youtube video.
    An email would also suffice.

    I need to know things like where to find:
    Gameserver Address:
    Database Address:
    Database Name:
    Database User:
    Database Password:

    Sorry to be a total noob here, i just want to install a custom map for my girlfriend since she “grew tired of the boring default map”.
    I hope there is someone able to help me out.
    Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards,


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