LiF:YO Livemap 2.5.0 released

Time to update the Livemap with a few new goodies!

Character Inventory View

The Character Management page can now display each charaters inventory and equipment in a dialog window. The lists work as tree-views, where nested containers can be expanded to show their contents. It should be pretty straightforward: If you see a yellowish highlighted container, click on it to expand.

Character Playtime Distribution

And here’s another addition to the Character Management. If TTmod is operative on the server, it has a function to show the average distribution of his or her online-time over the day. You can use this to tell at what time of the day a certain character uses to play on the server. So if you want to talk to a certain person but don’t know what time of the day you can most probably meet him or her on the server, just take a look at this chart for a hint.

Please note that this is NOT the accurate data of the last 24 hours. It’s a calculation (average) of all data available.

Personal and Admin Lands
Admin Land

New optional layers were added to display all Personal Claims and Admin Lands on the map. Permission options to view these layers are configurable individually for each login-group, just like the rest of the layers.

This was made primarily for admin reference. Especially when adding Admin Lands to protect certain parts of the map (like road networks) from the refresh script, the visualization comes in handy. Information on how to create Admin Lands was recently revealed in the official forums. » Admin Lands how to?

Discord and Teamspeak Buttons

You can now set a link to a permanent Discord invitation or the address of your Teamspeak server on the configuration page. This works the same way as the website link. If set, it’ll display a respective Discord or TS3 icon in the navigation for non-logged-in visitors.

  • The color of the guild claim circle can now be configured for each claim tier individually.
  • Function to rename characters was added to the Character Management
  • Account ID column was added to the Character Management
  • GM Tag for permanent GM account was added to Character Management
  • Native French localization was added, thanks to escariote
  • Browser icon changed

As always, full changelog is documented on the LiF:YO Livemap Download page. Enjoy!

Hosted Livemaps on will be updated tomorrow, 24th April.

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