LiF:YO Livemap 2.6.0 + TTmod 1.2 released

TTmod 1.2 Update

Along with this Livemap update, I’m releasing the biggest ever TTmod update. It does not only support the latest Livemap features, but also reintroduces a working MOTD feature, enables players to manage their guilds in-game (see GuildGUI section below) and has some useful resources for fellow modders. For details, see the new separate TTmod page.

Claim Planner Mode

As requested in forums, a new layer was added to help new players find suitable spots to establish a new guild claim with enough space. When activated, it will display the tier 3 and tier 4 radius of all claims and render a claim at t3 and t4 at the mouse position.

Guild Management Overhaul

Prior to this version, the guild management page was useful for guild leaders only. This update adds features for minor leaders (Viscount) and all other guild members:

Minor Leaders / Viscounts Permissions
The game allows Viscounts to manage most guild settings through /guild and /claimrule commands just like the guild leader. This permission level was ported to the guild management, so they can now do anything in the GUI that the game allows them to do anyway. This is basically everything the guild leader can, except changing standings and (obviously) change guild leadership.

Read-Only Permissions for Members
All members can now see the guild memberlist, ranks, standings and the newly implemented charter.

Guild Charter
The guild charter was an MMO-exclusive guild feature, but the YO database table has the respective data column. So I decided to put it to actual use. Guild leaders now have the option to write a guild charter and even make it public if they want to. The default setting is private, meaning that only guild members can read it through the Guild Management Web. When set to public, a button will appear in the guild detail tooltip on the Livemap for everyone to read. The charter is a free text field that supports up to 10,000 characters. Write anything you want… Guild history for RP reasons, guild rules, or let people on the Livemap know what goods your claim is trading. Be creative πŸ™‚

Client Mod: GuildGUI

This is a one-for-all lightweight client-mod that lets you open the Guild Management ingame using a hotkey [CTRL+G]. You do NOT have to login through Steam, as authentication is done by TTmod. This works on all servers that have a Livemap and TTmod 1.2 (or later) installed and configured to use GuildGUI. Please see the GuildGUI ModΒ and TTmod Documentation pages for details.

New RCON Features

RCON now supports teleporting people around. You can teleport a single person or everyone alltogehter. The target location can be selected either by entering a GeoID, by selecting a location on the map (point & click), or by selecting a target character to teleport the subject(s) to.

Last update introduced the option to give items to players. On request I’ve now added the option to give items to everyone online at once.

The default RCON interval was decreased from 30 to 20 seconds, which should make it a little more responsive. If you need faster intervals, feel free to edit your TTmod configuration file, but be careful with very low values as they could affect server performance. Read the TTmod Documentation for details.

7 thoughts on “LiF:YO Livemap 2.6.0 + TTmod 1.2 released”

  1. Love everything about your LIF mods, they’re a game changer! Just a question, one of my players inquired about the possibility of them changing the CTRL+G for the Guild UI on their side, is it possible?

    1. Hi, not right now but you can bind an additional hotkey to it. You will have to edit the main.cs on the client and add this line to the end of the file:

      GlobalActionMap.bindCmd(keyboard, "ctrl g", "GuildGuiOpen();");

      … and replace “ctrl g” with whatever you prefer.
      But note that this will not unbind CTRL+G

  2. nyuton you’re awesome!

    Great update. Thanks for not letting the LIF mod community die!

  3. I am trying to install the ttmod which i downloaded from here but i do not understand how to do this?
    Open the “main.cs” file using a text editor and add this line to the end of the file:

    Please help & thank you for a great mod!

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