Tradepost Mod Update 1.2

All trading post mod components had an update today. But first of all, let me thank you for the great support, comments and improvement suggestions for this mod. It seems like it has been well-received by the YO community. Since the first public release of the first tradepost mod, almost 100,000 trades were processed and roughly 800 transactions are completed every day in average. Amongst all servers, currency worth 79,400 gold coins was distributed to characters in exchange for 1.83 million items. At the same time, 4.6 million items were sold to characters in exchange for about 9,500 gold coins.

Expanded item group

Todays update has already been tested by a small number of servers for several weeks (thank you!). It adds ability to trade regional items, displays multiple offers of the same item in collapsable groups and makes the Server Market list editable. A number of visual enhancements and bugfixes come along the way. Scroll down to read the full changelog.


I set up a soft transition process to avoid interrupting the trading post availability on servers. A notification message was added to the old Tradepost UI informing everyone about the update and the deadline, which will be Sunday, 3rd February. This gives you almost two weeks time to schedule the mod update alongside your regular server reboot or maintenance. After February 3rd, the Tradepost UI will be accessible from the updated mod version only. Note that the only mandatory update is the server-side mod. I’ve made visual and quality-of-live improvements on the client-mod, but there’s nothing important to the function. The old client mod will still continue to work after this date.

To update the server, please find the updated mod in the FeudalTools Server Manager. To update the client, download it from the Tradeposts – LiF:YO Client Mod page. In both cases, just overwrite the old files and reboot the server or restart the game.

Update 2019-02-06: The old trading post UI has been shut down.

Full Changelog:

  • Added trading of regional items
  • GMs can now edit quality, quantity and price of server market offers
  • Items of same type in the server marked are now grouped
  • Trading post owners can’t see server market trades in protocol anymore
  • Corrected durability of weapons/tools bought from the server market
  • Improved transaction speed for trades that involve multiple item stacks
  • Tweaked currency exchange for Server Market purchases
  • Will not submit a trade in background when pressing return key anymore
  • Closing the ‘trade processing’ dialog is prevented
  • Added version control for client and server mod
  • Updated internal dependencies
  • Localization corrections
  • Added Russian translation
  • Added Spanish translation

Updated Server Mod to v1.2

  • Support for regional item trading
  • Fixed warning spam in server log (outdated recordset)
  • Enhanced logging

Updated Client Mod to v1.1

  • Added version control
  • Larger trading window
  • Changed window title to ‘Trading Post’ instead of the web URL
  • Prevents opening of multiple trade windows

4 thoughts on “Tradepost Mod Update 1.2”

  1. Is v1.2 live now? I installed it last night and after daily reboot I went to check but never got the notification telling me to hit CTRL+T when I was in the TP. I did the login message stating that it was active in the system tab. I rolled back to v1.1 and everything worked as designed. Just curious…

    1. it’s all good, i figured it out… for player/gm reference tho, what my problem was that i had tried to install the basil mod and then took it off and the exec command in the main.cs file for basil that i didnt remove must have been creating a conflict, so was my bad… at least in my case that was the problem…working perfectly now 🙂

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