FeudalTools Update 2.2

With this update, all the hosted Livemaps on FeudalTools were migrated to the new v3 version. The old Livemap is no longer maintained. I’ve also spent some time working on changes and new features that were requested in the forums and through other channels. Lastly, the site is now a business asset, meaning that the donation system is replaced with a commercial premium subscription system.

Livemaps Upgrade

All the v2 Livemaps were upgraded. Configurations and permission groups were converted as effective as possible. However I highly recommend you to spend this one or two minutes to double-check your configuartion. Also take a look at the new features if you haven’t yet.

Map Image Generation

You will notice that the colors and shading of the map images has slighly changed. Beforehand, there was a color assigned to each surface type (rock, soil, water, …) that was brightened or darkened depending on tile slope. This is no longer the case. Instead, the image generator is already using real textures to prepare for Livemap Tilesets (see below).

New: Image Exporter

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FeudalTools Livemaps Migration

All hosted Livemaps on FeudalTools will be upgraded to v3 next Monday, 20th January along with a general update of the site.

I’m also moving FeudalTools into my business for legal and tax reasons. In consequence of that, all the contribute & donation stuff will be replaced with a premium subscription. All active supporter accounts will be converted accordingly. In this first step it’s a change of wording only. More info is coming on Monday.

Because the Livemaps migration, new payment integration and FeudalTools update altogether is rather complex, there might be noticable downtime on Monday. Thanks for understanding.

LiF:YO Livemap v3.0 Beta

Finally, the new Livemap built on Leaflet is ready for testing. I have uploaded the dedicated version to a public Github repository. FeudalTools was updated with a temporary version switch that lets you switch to v3.0 early. After everything is tested and considered ‘stable’ I’ll start migrating all existing hosted livemaps to v3.0 (but not yet).

Help wanted

Help is needed in the testing and translating departments. This project has become so big that it’s almost impossible for one person to deeply test all the functions, buttons, forms and dialogs against all kind of different gameserver configurations. Please try to use v3 for your everyday activities as soon as possible and report anything that looks wrong to the forums or directly to the issues list on Github.

Translations were converted to a LiF-like XML format. I’m especially looking for the French and Russian translation right now – but all translations are welcome and can be submitted in the forum (or Github) as usual. Check out the localization files @ Github

New Features

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Tradepost Mod Update 1.4

Trading Post Operation Modes

Manage Funds

The owners of a trading post can now switch between two operation modes for their guild offers. The default ‘Bartermode represents the classic coinless offers using virtual values for items. With the new ‘Currency’ mode, the trading post buys and sells items in exchange for coins only. In order to process purchases and payout coins to traders, it must be charged with coins by the owners first.

Currency Mode

Flexible server market prices

In addition to the reverse auction offers added in the last update, GMs can now find a third offer type for the server market: Flexible. Much like the reverse auctions, their price will move in favor of the players over time. However, each sold/bought item will push the price in the opposite direction. In contrast to reverse auctions, flex-price offers have no quantity limit.

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FeudalTools Update 2.1

It’s time to update the site with a few new goodies. Though this is the first site update that doesn’t introduce new features, but focuses on enhancing existing stuff.

Terrain Editor

Radial Selection

The Terrain Editor can now display the positions of guild monuments. They’re displayed as a red dot and shown as Guild Monuments in the cell info dialog.

Following up on some forum requests, a radial selection tool was added to allow for selecting a circle shaped area instead of a rectangle. Selected cells can now be purged from trees and objects using the new ‘clear’ tool.

Clear Tool

I’ve also completed the color and name assignments for all materials in the game. White spots with a ‘SubstanceID’ number in the cell info should no longer appear. Another visual enhancement is the indication of the selected area size in the top left corner (only when selecting stuff)

Original Map Patches

A new set of map patches for the original map was added. Thanks to Achaen for providing the designs and ideas for these. There will be two more joining the list in the coming week.

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Tradepost Mod Update 1.3

This update is a first step in the direction of flexible prices for the Server Market, which is undergoing some major changes. The Server Market was split in two separate tabs for buying and selling, giving the table cells more room for information.

Reverse Auction

I’ve added the option to add Reverse Auctions to the Server Market to allow for more flexible pricing. A Reverse Auction must have a finite quantity. It starts at a high initial price and moves towards a lower minimum price over time. This way, you don’t have to dictate prices necessarily. No more pondering over what could be a reasonable price for item X. You can just make it very expensive to begin with and let the price drop towards a cheap bargain over time. This creates some competition between players. Whoever is willing to pay the price before the next drop gets the items. Others will have to wait for the next sale.

Global Trade List

The second big addition to the Mod is a global list of all guild tradepost offers. This new configurable tab summarizes all existing guild offers on the server, including their location.

To update the mod, download the new version from FeudalTools Server Manager. Overwrite the old files and restart the server. The shutdown date of the old version is not determined yet. Will probably be sometime in April.

Tradepost Mod Update 1.2

All trading post mod components had an update today. But first of all, let me thank you for the great support, comments and improvement suggestions for this mod. It seems like it has been well-received by the YO community. Since the first public release of the first tradepost mod, almost 100,000 trades were processed and roughly 800 transactions are completed every day in average. Amongst all servers, currency worth 79,400 gold coins was distributed to characters in exchange for 1.83 million items. At the same time, 4.6 million items were sold to characters in exchange for about 9,500 gold coins.

Expanded item group

Todays update has already been tested by a small number of servers for several weeks (thank you!). It adds ability to trade regional items, displays multiple offers of the same item in collapsable groups and makes the Server Market list editable. A number of visual enhancements and bugfixes come along the way. Scroll down to read the full changelog.


I set up a soft transition process to avoid interrupting the trading post availability on servers. A notification message was added to the old Tradepost UI informing everyone about the update and the deadline, which will be Sunday, 3rd February. This gives you almost two weeks time to schedule the mod update alongside your regular server reboot or maintenance. After February 3rd, the Tradepost UI will be accessible from the updated mod version only. Note that the only mandatory update is the server-side mod. I’ve made visual and quality-of-live improvements on the client-mod, but there’s nothing important to the function. The old client mod will still continue to work after this date.

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FeudalTools Update 2.0

Terrain editor, region editor, new stone bridges and a full redesign of the website. What more can I say? Welcome to FeudalTools 2.0!

Website Redesign

The entire website has been overhauled for a fresh and modern look. The most noticable changes include the server manager and the custom map listings.

The homepage now has a newsfeed that is a a summary of LiF-related news from lifeisfeudal.com and my website. Any account-related buttons like Login, Dashboard, Account and Logout have moved to the upper right.

Dashboard & Server Manager


The display of servers in the Dashboard was changed to a box-layout rather than a table. The server manager now has an image of the server map stored, which is used in the tools that require it (i.e. the newly added Terrain Editor or the Bridge Builder). All servers added prior this update don’t have a map image yet because it was never permanently stored after map installation. You can upload the correct image for your servers anytime. New direct map deployment will auto-assign the correct image to the server, so that there is no additional effort needed.

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LiF:YO Livemap 2.7.0 released

I’m happy to announce a new LiF:YO Livemap update that is stuffed with new cool features and enhancements.

Outpost & Tradepost Icons

Outpost Display

The new outposts were incorporated into the Livemap and can be displayed as icons on the map. Outpost type and owner is visible in the tooltip. “View outposts” is a new permission that is assignable to groups and is activated by default. If you don’t want to display outposts on the map, you can take away this permission from the visitor group any time.

Same as outposts and with their own permission flag comes the trading post icon. This can be useful on servers using the tradeposts mod, so players can see which claim has a trading post set up that might be worth visiting.

Claim-Planner Mode Extended

The new outposts have added some restrictions to where new guild monuments and outposts can be placed. The claim planner tool was updated and split in two modes: Outpost placing mode and monument placing mode, both respecting their restrictions towards minimum distances to other claims and outposts. The circle will change color and let you know in case you can’t build here. Take a look at the screenshots to get a better idea of it.

Monument Mode

Monument Blocked

Outpost Mode




Region Overlay

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FeudalTools Compatibility Updates

With todays FeudalTools minor update 1.9.3 all problems with the new LiF:YO patch that dropped two days ago are (hopefully) fixed. The DB Maintenance and Map Refresh tool are back in action and the Tradepost Mod was updated to work with the new YO version. Luckily, a client mod update is not required. It’s a pure server-side fix. So please download the updated server-mod from the FeudalTools Server Manager and restart your server.

In case any further issues occour, please don’t hesistate to let me know in forums or any other channel. Preferably with detailed information about the problem.

The Livemap problems with the new outposts breaking some guild detail information and tooltip visuals are still being worked on.
Update: The Livemap was hotfixed. It won’t dipsplay outposts as guild claims and item distribution through Char. Management works. I will incorporate options to display outposts in the next Livemap update.