LiF:YO Livemap 2.7.0 released

I’m happy to announce a new LiF:YO Livemap update that is stuffed with new cool features and enhancements.

Outpost & Tradepost Icons

Outpost Display

The new outposts were incorporated into the Livemap and can be displayed as icons on the map. Outpost type and owner is visible in the tooltip. “View outposts” is a new permission that is assignable to groups and is activated by default. If you don’t want to display outposts on the map, you can take away this permission from the visitor group any time.

Same as outposts and with their own permission flag comes the trading post icon. This can be useful on servers using the tradeposts mod, so players can see which claim has a trading post set up that might be worth visiting.

Claim-Planner Mode Extended

The new outposts have added some restrictions to where new guild monuments and outposts can be placed. The claim planner tool was updated and split in two modes: Outpost placing mode and monument placing mode, both respecting their restrictions towards minimum distances to other claims and outposts. The circle will change color and let you know in case you can’t build here. Take a look at the screenshots to get a better idea of it.

Monument Mode
Monument Blocked
Outpost Mode




Region Overlay

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FeudalTools Compatibility Updates

With todays FeudalTools minor update 1.9.3 all problems with the new LiF:YO patch that dropped two days ago are (hopefully) fixed. The DB Maintenance and Map Refresh tool are back in action and the Tradepost Mod was updated to work with the new YO version. Luckily, a client mod update is not required. It’s a pure server-side fix. So please download the updated server-mod from the FeudalTools Server Manager and restart your server.

In case any further issues occour, please don’t hesistate to let me know in forums or any other channel. Preferably with detailed information about the problem.

The Livemap problems with the new outposts breaking some guild detail information and tooltip visuals are still being worked on.
Update: The Livemap was hotfixed. It won’t dipsplay outposts as guild claims and item distribution through Char. Management works. I will incorporate options to display outposts in the next Livemap update.

FeudalTools Update 1.9.0

Todays FeudalTools Update introduces two new major features that people have been asking for forever: Working tradeposts and bridges.

Bridge Builder

Since the introducton of Custom Maps that include rivers, people have asked for bridges.

The new Bridge Builder tool constructs perfectly aligned bridges from existing game assets, such as platforms and pillars. Choose two locations from the game map or enter two GeoIDs and have it construct a bridge between them. It can also create an admin land around it to protect the bridge from offending players.

FeudalTools Tradeposts (Beta)

This new tradepost mod is one of the more ambitious projects and I’ve been working on it for quite a while. Now that it’s done, you can finally put the decorative buildings to some good use and turn them into actual working tradeposts. Continue reading “FeudalTools Update 1.9.0”

TTmod 1.3 released

This version adds many new TorqueScript functions for mod development, most of which I needed myself while making an all-new mod for LiF:YO. So consider it the groundwork for the things yet to come. It’s mainly new callbacks and a new position trigger framework. The documentation page was updated accordingly.

This update also fixes the lag/sync issue cause by roads caching described here. This part was completely removed from TTmod and is now handled by the Livemap itself.

TTmod Download Page

Updating notices:
  • If you aren’t using a Livemap hosted by and are hosting it on your own webserver, make sure to update to the latest 2.6.3 Livemap before you update to TTmod 1.3. Older Livemap versions are not compatible.
  • If you have used the database table “nyu_online_players” in some own scripts or websites, use the table “nyu_ttmod_tokens” for this purpose instead. The online players table has been removed due to redundancy.

LiF:YO Livemap 2.6.0 + TTmod 1.2 released

TTmod 1.2 Update

Along with this Livemap update, I’m releasing the biggest ever TTmod update. It does not only support the latest Livemap features, but also reintroduces a working MOTD feature, enables players to manage their guilds in-game (see GuildGUI section below) and has some useful resources for fellow modders. For details, see the new separate TTmod page.

Claim Planner Mode

As requested in forums, a new layer was added to help new players find suitable spots to establish a new guild claim with enough space. When activated, it will display the tier 3 and tier 4 radius of all claims and render a claim at t3 and t4 at the mouse position.

Guild Management Overhaul

Prior to this version, the guild management page was useful for guild leaders only. This update adds features for minor leaders (Viscount) and all other guild members:

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LiF:YO Livemap 2.5.0 released

Time to update the Livemap with a few new goodies!

Character Inventory View

The Character Management page can now display each charaters inventory and equipment in a dialog window. The lists work as tree-views, where nested containers can be expanded to show their contents. It should be pretty straightforward: If you see a yellowish highlighted container, click on it to expand.

Character Playtime Distribution

And here’s another addition to the Character Management. If TTmod is operative on the server, it has a function to show the average distribution of his or her online-time over the day. You can use this to tell at what time of the day a certain character uses to play on the server. So if you want to talk to a certain person but don’t know what time of the day you can most probably meet him or her on the server, just take a look at this chart for a hint.

Please note that this is NOT the accurate data of the last 24 hours. It’s a calculation (average) of all data available.

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FeudalTools Update 1.8.0

It’s been a while, but here it is: A new feature update for FeudalTools introducing new major features.

Database Cleanup & Maintenance Tool
Database Cleanup Job

The performance of a vital LiF:YO Server depends enormously on the response time of its database. Running a server for a longer period accumulates hundreds of thousands unnecessary records in the database, increasing its size while degrading its performance. The longer you run your server without measures to counter the steady growth of certain database tables, the worse overall performance will become. At some point, inacceptable lag kicks in.

I’ve wrapped up a collection of maintenance scripts that clean up and optimize the database tables. Some of them are YO specific, others are common measures to tune SQL Databases (which is standard software). These are available from the Tools & Scripts section of the page now. Each measure has a little explantation tooltip and can be activated or skipped individually for each run.

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FeudalTools Support Forums & Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, FeudalTools! The website launched exactly one year ago in version 1.0.0 as a closed beta with about a dozen users testing it and deploying custom maps to their LiF:YO servers. One week later, closed beta ended and the gates opened for the general public.

Since then, over 3,100 different Steam users have signed in, about 1,300 gameservers servers were added to the Server Manager and almost 10,000 jobs were processed by the backend.

FeudalTools Forums

I get many questions and messages about FeudalTools and Livemaps, all spread across email, social media and the comment section here. Often times it’s quite repetitive, so I decided to set up a small forum to have all Q&A, issues and discussion about FeudalTools, Livemaps and YO servers in one place and (hopefully) build up some kind of knowledge base over time.

New FeudalTools Forms:

*Update 2018-03-19*
There was a problem with some email providers (yahoo, gmail) not receiving activation mails. This is fixed now and all accounts have been activated manually.

LiF:YO Livemap 2.4.0 released

First and most importantly: This update for the LiF:YO Livemap comes with an updated version of TTmod, which needs to be installed/updated to use the new livemap features listed below!

Insert Inventory Items
RCON Console

Both the character management and the RCON console were given this new feature. You can now insert items into player’s inventories. Items can be choosen either by entering the Object ID or by selecting from an abc-sorted list of all items. This list is pulled directly from the server database, so modded items will appear as well.

Items inserted with the character management page are available the next time the player logs in. Players who are online at the time the item is added won’t see it until they relog. Items added to online players with the RCON console are available immediately. The usual ‘Got item xxx’ is shown in system chat and UI.

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LiF:YO Livemap 2.3.0 released

It’s finally here! This new update for the LiF:YO Livemap introduces a page for players to view and manage their guild through a user-friendly web interface. Guild leaders can change member ranks, manage guild standings and edit permissions for ranks, standing types, guilds and characters. It allows to do anything that can be done via /guild commands in game. The guild management page is fully optional and is disabled by default. You  can enable it on the configuration page.

Please note that all actions are processed through the server in the same way the /guild commands work. If the server is rejecting an action, it is usually not a problem of the webinterface. Please check if the same change can be done successfully ingame using the appropriate /guild command before reporting a bug.

Another thing we have discovered is that alliances can bring huge bugs into the standing system. An alliance is created once one guild sends an ally request and the other guild accepts it. The initiating guild then becomes a ‘Kingdom’ and the other guild becomes ‘Vassal’. (See LiF wiki here for more details). Apparently, vassal guilds are not able to change any standings until the alliance is broken up and the guild type goes back to ‘Country’. This part of the system seems bugged to me. I’ve seen many cases where the game did not fully disband an alliance, leaving at least one guild in some inconsistant vassal state with no kingdom counterpart, meaning they won’t be able to change standings… ever. I highly recommend to avoid the ‘ally’ standing at this point. Use ‘friendly’ instead and assign all permissions to this standing type.

For the full changelog, see the Changelog on the LiF:YO Livemap Page.

Hosted livemaps on will be updated tomorrow, 31st Dec.
*Update 31/12* Hosted livemaps have been updated.